Latest Bürkert Fluid Control Systems Press Releases

Optimising control valve specification by challenging the input data

29th September 2023

When specifying control valves, ensuring the right input data is provided offers the best chance the resulting performance of the application will be optimised. To show the effects, a recent example based on deionised water production highlights how accurate specification is essential whenever control valves are used.

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Continuous gas pressure control – achieving ultimate process reliability

13th September 2023

Many manufacturing processes in the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical sector require careful control of pressurised vessels to ensure optimum product quality. Fermentation in bioreactors, tank blanketing in drinks production, or pressure transfer of fragile products are just a few examples where accurate gas pressure control is essential for process reliability.

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Next generation accuracy for microfluidic control

10th August 2023

Accurate microfluidic dosing is essential for life science and genomics research, as well as the administration of medical care. For OEMs developing microfluidic dosing machines, accurate valve control ensures precise results.

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New coils increase solenoid valve energy efficiency by 80%

15th June 2023

New coil technology for solenoid valves can increase energy efficiency by up to 80%. Bürkert’s Kick and Drop valve coils save significant cost by reducing energy use and extending service life. The increased efficiency also optimises environmental sustainability. With a low maximum operating temperature, the coils enhance safety and remove the potential of electrical overheating.  The 3-in-1 design, covering various voltage inputs, also streamlines inventory management.

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Accurate and reliable solenoid valves help hatchery achieve quality and uniformity

17th May 2023

To produce a high number of chicks within a short time frame, chicken and poultry farmers and breeders use hatchery systems that allow them to control the quantity, quality, and liveability of the chicks. One important aspect of these systems is temperature control during the incubation period, which can be achieved through the use of reliable solenoid valves.

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Surface acoustic wave technology provides hygienic flow measurement for pharmaceutical manufacturer

4th May 2023

When active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) developer and manufacturer, Veranova, wanted to build a new manufacturing suite, it needed accurate control over volumetric flow to optimise process efficiency. As the suite would be installed within an existing area of the facility, the flowmeter had to contribute to a compact overall footprint. Handling various media, including solvents and acids as well as low conductivity liquids, the device also had to enable a clean in place (CIP) process. Veranova turned to Bürkert and its surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology to fulfil its requirements. 

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Controlling hydrogen in fuel cells to reduce global warming

28th April 2023

Hydrogen has an increasingly important role as an alternative energy source to help decrease global warming, thanks to its potential for emissions-free generation and use. Its application is wide-reaching, with stakeholders ranging from governments to aviation manufacturers investing in hydrogen power technology. To ensure the safety and efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell systems, valve control technology will play an important role. 

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