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Consistently meeting fluctuating demand in logistics

20th February 2024

Growth can’t last forever, and current market conditions are making the logistics sector face up to uncertainty. Whether dealing with high, low or wildly fluctuating demand, the question of securing profitability has the same answer: flexibility. 

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Protecting automated controls to enhance fire safety

Sprinklers are an essential component of a building’s fire protection system. Automation can enhance safety, as well as ease of use, but this means that the control system requires its own protection. Grifen Sprinkler Solutions requested Spelsberg UK to provide high durability enclosures that could withstand the demanding environment. 

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Optimal to showcase wealth of PAT benefits at leading industry events

13th February 2024

Optimal Industrial Technologies is highlighting the benefits of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) at five key international events throughout March 2024. Visitors will be able to take advantage of unique insights, access real-world case studies and learn directly from Optimal experts about effective PAT frameworks. 

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