Latest CC-Link Partner Association Europe Press Releases

LAUMAS elevates digital load cell innovation with CC-Link IE

16th January 2024

Turning any analogue application into a smarter, interconnected setup is a key step in the digitalisation of manufacturing and processing industries. Companies looking at advancing their weighing system can leverage the latest CC-Link IE compatible LCB universal load cell digitiser and weight transmitter from LAUMAS to successfully move forward in their digital transformation.

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Lika Electronic unlocks new opportunities with CC-Link IE certifications

7th December 2023

With rapid advancements taking place in the industrial automation landscape, staying competitive is more critical than ever for device vendors. As companies seek to setup increasingly more demanding Industry 4.0 applications, offering state-of-the-art devices that are compatible with the right industrial communications solutions is key.

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Brückenschlag zwischen OT und IT: Die wirtschaftlichen Vorteile von TSN

9th November 2023

Die fortschreitende Digitalisierung in der Fertigung bietet Unternehmen wichtige Chancen zur Errichtung hochproduktiver und effizienter Anlagen. Um das Potenzial voll auszuschöpfen, müssen die Barrieren zwischen den bislang getrennten Bereichen der Informationstechnik (IT) und Operational Technology (OT) abgebaut werden.

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Enabling technology for the e-mobility sector

2nd November 2023

One of the most future-oriented and fast-paced industries, the automotive sector is undergoing substantial change. E-mobility trends and fierce competition are requiring car manufacturers to redesign their existing production lines to accommodate new models with electric powertrains while maintaining the speed and flexibility required to quickly deliver vehicles that capture customer imaginations, driving sales and profitability.

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Real-world benefits of TSN under the spotlight at SPS 2023

24th October 2023

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is showcasing the latest advances in Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) applications to support smart factories at SPS – Smart Production Solutions 2023. From 14th-16th November, attendees to Stand 108, Hall 5, will be able to experience how CC-Link IE TSN leverages the benefits of TSN technology to advance operations of manufacturers worldwide.

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CC-Link IE TSN adds value to additive manufacturing operations

26th September 2023

In recent years, additive manufacturing (AM), or “3D printing”, has quickly opened up new production frontiers. Structures once regarded as being impossible to fabricate with traditional machining techniques have become commonplace. Moreover, the original delicate parts formed by earlier AM technologies, suitable only for prototyping and laboratories, have now given way to methods that provide actual production parts.

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