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Motion solution selection is integral to laboratory fluid handling machinery, robotics and pipettors

8th December 2022

Ageing populations and the increase in preventative care have been primary catalysts for continual growth within medical research. In response to an increasing workload in laboratories, motorised tools and equipment are enabling scientists to cope with demands. While automated machinery and devices are increasing the speed and efficiency that scientists can prepare, manage, and analyse samples in the lab, the reliance on motion systems for accuracy and reliability means that selection of the right motor is vital. 

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The importance of pull-out and pull-in torque for stepper motor sizing

23rd November 2022

For OEMs, stepper motors can provide advantages over miniaturised DC motors, especially for compact size applications ranging from pharmaceutical dispensers to printers and copiers that require cost-effective and precise positioning. To select the right stepper motor, it’s critical that its pull-out and pull-in torque curves are considered. Understanding these attributes, as well as how to measure them, is a crucial aspect for the design of stepper motion systems.

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