Latest Portescap Press Releases

The importance of pull-out and pull-in torque for stepper motor sizing

23rd November 2022

For OEMs, stepper motors can provide advantages over miniaturised DC motors, especially for compact size applications ranging from pharmaceutical dispensers to printers and copiers that require cost-effective and precise positioning. To select the right stepper motor, it’s critical that its pull-out and pull-in torque curves are considered. Understanding these attributes, as well as how to measure them, is a crucial aspect for the design of stepper motion systems.

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How iron losses influence BLDC motor selection

8th November 2022

When designing a miniature brushless DC (BLDC) motor, ensuring a compact footprint with sufficient thermal regulation is vital. This means it’s essential that the design minimises iron losses, a crucial factor that also limits a motor’s output. To specify a motor optimised for an application’s speed and torque requirements, it’s vital that the motor manufacturer works closely with the OEM, evaluating the implications of iron losses in order to create a design that limits their impact. 

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Maintaining gearbox centre distance minimises acoustic noise in micro motion applications

25th October 2022

Simulation shows that the problem of acoustic noise in micro motion gearbox design can be reduced by removing transmission error. Optimised gearbox design ensuring close manufacturing tolerances can achieve this. As wider factors surrounding gearbox integration can also impact noise levels, it’s useful to partner with a motion solution manufacturer that takes a holistic approach to application design. 

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Portescap Launches New Sensorless CNT2440 Autoclavable Controller

6th October 2022

Portescap, a global supplier of innovative miniature motors, is excited to announce the launch of the CNT2440, an autoclavable controller capable of surviving up to 1,000 sterilization cycles. This new controller has a rated voltage up to 24V and a rated current up to 40 amps, providing a power rating of 960 watts.

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