Latest Prime Vision Press Releases

Optical character recognition with AI revolutionises label reading

23rd November 2023

For any inbound or outbound warehouse logistics process, efficiency and profitability rely on moving items to the correct destination in a minimal amount of time. Labels help achieve this, but what if they can’t be read? In the past, manual intervention following a “no-read” was inevitable. However, optical character recognition (OCR) powered by artificial intelligence (AI) provides a modern, automated solution. 

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Tis the season to be busy

7th November 2023

Every Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the warehouse logistics sector faces a delivery challenge worthy of Santa himself. Successfully capitalising on the peak demand of the holiday season relies on maximising operational scalability, efficiency and reliability.

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A second pair of eyes: computer vision keeps track of warehouse operations

12th October 2023

The human eye is a marvel of nature, but nowadays it is often complemented by the vision of cameras and machines. In warehouse logistics, this technology is allowing operators to validate the logistics process – reducing human errors, tracking parcels and providing real-time feedback for improvements. This is giving businesses the opportunity to see the bigger picture.

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Warehouse staff and robots work hand in hand to meet demand

6th September 2023

Implementing automation in warehouse logistics always used to be about reducing costs and increasing throughput. However, labour shortages have meant many are adopting robots and computer vision systems to meet growing order volumes without putting extra pressure on staff. 

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Crunching data for painless e-Fulfilment growth

16th August 2023

An enduring trend of the e-commerce market is continual growth. Proving that convenience is king, online purchases have become a ubiquitous part of the global economy. While this is good news for e-commerce businesses, demand puts increased pressure on e-fulfilment centres and warehouses to accommodate growth. 

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Barcode reading between the lines

25th July 2023

From supermarkets to warehouses, barcodes are ubiquitous for identifying and tracking items. The widespread adoption of barcodes is due to almost flawless reliability, with read rates exceeding 99.9% in perfect conditions.

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Fulfilling the future

9th June 2023

The exponential boom of e-commerce has placed increased pressure on warehouses to meet customer delivery expectation.

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