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Achieving picture-perfect post office service

23rd April 2024

Long post office queues affect people around the world, especially those unfortunate enough to be in the line during peak periods. For postal services, reducing wait times is key for customer satisfaction. To serve customers faster, many are relying on digital images of parcels straight from the sorting centre to quickly identify and distribute items. 

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Anything to declare? Ensuring efficiency in cross-border logistics

9th April 2024

In our globalised economy, an incredible volume of goods crosses international borders every day. While displaying key information on parcels is essential for clearing customs, many countries are tightening regulations to stop fraudulent, dangerous and illegal goods entering their markets. In most cases, sellers are now required to submit parcel data to customs or postal services before sending, but providing this can be costly and time consuming.

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How to efficiently handle e-commerce returns

19th March 2024

Everyone gets an endorphin kick when an online purchase lands on the doorstep, but for various reasons, more and more shoppers are sending their orders back. Returns are one of the biggest issues in e-commerce logistics, incurring time and cost penalties if not effectively dealt with. Despite this large proportion of goods swimming against the flow of the traditional delivery process, companies can use automation to streamline returns, mitigating the impact and winning customer loyalty.

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Sorting out cybersecurity for modern warehouse logistics

5th March 2024

In a world where cyber-attacks are international news, cybersecurity has become a top priority for the logistics and e-commerce industry for protecting operations and brand reputation. However, the operational technology (OT) that controls modern logistics operations has created more potential security vulnerabilities than ever before. In response, experts such as Prime Vision are providing businesses with a holistic, but also agnostic, continuous approach to cybersecurity that safeguards software and hardware.

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Consistently meeting fluctuating demand in logistics

20th February 2024

Growth can’t last forever, and current market conditions are making the logistics sector face up to uncertainty. Whether dealing with high, low or wildly fluctuating demand, the question of securing profitability has the same answer: flexibility. 

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Optimised parcel sorting maximises electric vehicle delivery services

7th February 2024

In all aspects of life, consumers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The logistics sector is reacting, providing cleaner ways of getting parcels to people. Consequently, more postal services, e-commerce giants and delivery companies are switching to electric vans. However, sustainability can’t come at the cost of lower service levels, which is easier said than done when vehicle range and charging times are considered. 

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Robots vs. Conveyors: A showdown in warehouse logistics

18th January 2024

Thankfully, the days of manually handling parcels in warehouse sorting operations are coming to an end. Conveyors have allowed high volumes of items to be moved almost effortlessly around a facility – but they are no panacea. When businesses experience rapid growth, space is limited or sortation becomes more complex, conveyors display clear limitations. In these scenarios, it’s robots from automation experts such as Prime Vision that excel.

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Going the last mile with robotic parcel sorting

4th January 2024

Everyone has heard of going the extra mile, but for e-commerce, parcel, postal and logistics companies, the last mile is often the most challenging. To streamline how parcels arrive on the doorstep, many businesses are relying on localised or temporary facilities. For smaller sorting centres close to the customer, robots are a proven solution to optimise routes, maximise available capacity and reduce overheads. 

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