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22ECA60 Brushless DC Motor Delivers High Torque in An Autoclavable Design for Small and Medium Bone Surgical Hand Tools

02nd August 2023

Meet the Newest Addition to Portescap’s Surgical Motor Solutions Portfolio

The 22ECA60 is the latest addition to Portescap’s Surgical Motor Solutions (SMS) mini motor portfolio. This brushless DC slotless motor features a 22mm diameter and a mass of only 140 grams, making it a lightweight and compact solution that facilitates improved ergonomics and decreased surgeon fatigue. Sensored and sensorless options are available.

Sustaining up to 200+ cycles in autoclavable environments, the 22ECA is not only well-suited for applications with sterilization requirements, but provides the required high reliability in a cost-efficient package. The motor also delivers up to 42mNm continuous torque, which is critical to ensuring the surgical device cuts cleanly and evenly through bone. It is also an ideal solution for those manufacturers wishing to switch their surgical hand tools from brushed to brushless technology.

The 22ECA60 has been engineered specifically for powered surgical hand tools used in foot, ankle, and elbow surgeries. Example devices include small and medium bone drills, saws, and reamers. It is also suitable for dental implantology, thanks to its excellent speed capabilities. 

Image 1: 22ECA60 Brushless DC Motor is ideal for small and medium bone surgical hand tool.

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