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Aftermarket ready to keep aging UK car parc roadworthy

26th April 2023

The average age of a car on UK roads is 10 years old, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has revealed in its Vehicles In Use 2023 report. While this makes it one of the youngest in Europe, its average age is expected to increase, a trend that will be supported by the automotive aftermarket.

The symptoms of this maturing car parc developed recently: reduced new car sales during the pandemic and higher interest rates deterring consumers from vehicle financing.(1) As people rein in spending, motorists tend to hold onto their vehicles for longer.

An aging car parc translates to more vehicle maintenance. Even the most reliable car will breakdown eventually, and as its age increases, this only becomes more likely. Consequently, it’s important that service garages have access to the replacement parts they need to conduct necessary repairs and keep these vehicles roadworthy.

The automotive aftermarket works hard to achieve this, prioritising wear components or those that are directly exposed to road conditions. Exhausts are a good example.

Around 99% of vehicles on UK roads have an internal combustion engine (ICE) and require a fully functioning exhaust to pass the emissions section of the MOT. Even as the proportion of electric vehicles on our roads grows, a vast quantity of aftermarket exhausts will be needed for decades to come to ensure older ICE cars can stay roadworthy.

Staffordshire-based Klarius Products, the UK’s largest aftermarket exhaust manufacturer, is providing this. “We offer type-approved exhausts to fit cars and light commercial vehicles of almost any make, model and production year. Our in-house research and development team introduces new parts, tested on real world vehicles, to market almost daily. We actively assess the UK car parc to see which applications have poor aftermarket coverage, then develop products to fill this gap. Consequently, we nearly always have a replacement ready for our customers,” says James Ellison, Sales Director.

With Klarius and other aftermarket suppliers continually developing and releasing new replacement components to market, motorists choosing to keep their vehicle for longer can be sure of quality repair solutions if required. In the case of exhausts, older vehicles can stay roadworthy with original equipment (OE) quality replacements that will help ensure a successful MOT emissions test. For those considering holding onto their vehicle, modern aftermarket solutions are ready to support an aging UK car parc.

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Image 1: The average age of a car on UK roads is 10 years old (image source: iStock-1398986965)

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Klarius Products is a dedicated Emission Control Products manufacture and supply company servicing primarily the UK and EU markets. The business supplies type approved exhausts, CATs and DPFs designed, developed and manufactured in the UK and delivered via its own logistics operation. Klarius Products operations are centred on the manufacturing, R&D, test track, logistics and stock facility hub based in Cheadle in the UK.

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