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Burckhardt Compression Provides Quick Solution for Damaged Compressor Cylinder

27th June 2023

A leading producer of suspension polyvinyl chloride (S-PVC) in Germany experienced a compressor cylinder breakdown. Burckhardt Compression, a company specializing in compression solutions, was selected to carry out the repairs due to the specific requirements of the project, including a tight time frame, and high safety standards associated with the process. The compressor was used to compress oxygen to high pressures and had reached the end of its service life.

The local team from Burckhardt Compression reverse-engineered and rebuilt the cylinder with higher-quality materials and a built-in liner that can be easily replaced to ensure simple maintenance procedures. These design improvements aim to reduce costs and make the compressor more efficient in the long run.

In addition, the repair team identified existing valves and other components that could be reused. This meant that the environmental impact of manufacturing and disposing of old parts would be reduced, minimizing the amount of time and resources required to replace components. 
Burckhardt Compression managed the repairs from start to finish and provided on-site assembly support from its local Field Service representative. This ensured that the cylinder met the highest safety standards, downtime was reduced, quality control was improved, and the customer’s support was enhanced.

The partnership between Burckhardt Compression and the customer was crucial for successful completion, ensuring that all expectations, including budgetary restraints, deadline, safety, operational availability, and equipment quality were met. 

The project was completed within only eight weeks, after which a spokesperson for the customer commented, “We’re very pleased with the re-engineered compressor cylinder provided by Burckhardt Compression. Its team delivered a solution that met our tight time frame and specific requirements. The project’s success was a result of our partnership with Burckhardt Compression, its commitment to safety, quality, and its ability to deliver exceptional results.”

Burckhardt Compression’s expertise in compression solutions across a wide range of applications has earned it a reputation as a leading company in the industry. Its ability to deliver quick, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions makes it the partner of choice for companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint while enhancing their production processes’ efficiency.

Image 1: The cylinder before it was repaired at Burckhardt Compression Germany's Service Center

Image 2: The new cylinder in its installed condition

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Burckhardt Compression is the worldwide market leader for reciprocating compressor systems and the only manufacturer and service provider that covers a full range of reciprocating compressor technologies and services. Its customized compressor systems are used in the gas gathering and processing, gas transport and storage, refinery, chemical, petrochemical as well as in the industrial gas and hydrogen mobility and energy sectors. Burckhardt Compression’s leading technology, broad portfolio of compressor components and the full range of services help customers around the world to find the optimized solution for their reciprocating compressor systems. Since 1844, its highly skilled workforce has crafted superior solutions and set the benchmark in the gas compression industry.

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