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Bürkert announces Troy Stehr as Industry Account Manager – Lab & Medtech

23rd February 2022
Bürkert has grown its team with the addition of Troy Stehr as Industry Account Manager – Lab & Medtech. A technical sales expert with a passion for problem solving, Troy will be providing support to customers in the medical, laboratory, inkjet, genomics and chemistry sectors.

Microfluidics is the precise measurement and control of fluids at low flow rates, allowing processes to be scaled down to optimise use of resources, improve efficiency and maximise cost effectiveness. Systems in this sector are often bespoke, requiring custom control solutions and close engineering collaboration between user and solutions provider. This hands-on, technical sales support is exactly what Troy will be providing to Bürkert customers.

“I am delighted to join a company that puts engineering problem solving at the forefront of its work,” says Troy. “Bespoke systems really put the emphasis on us to deliver a control solution, and I’m looking forward to working in partnership with our customers to develop exactly what’s needed for their applications.”

Troy offers extensive experience in the technical and practical application of fluid control technology. His years as a technical sales expert for a multi-national mass flow controller distributor and his proven track record in supporting complex system implementation, ensures he can fully support the complete development process. Furthermore, Troy’s apprenticeship in metrology and electronics during his time in the U.S. Air Force guarantees a comprehensive engineering knowledge.

Outside of work, Troy enjoys the outdoors, where he can often be found working in the garden with his two cats or in the countryside on his bike.

You can learn more about Bürkert’s solutions for microfluidic applications here.


Image 1: Troy Stehr, Industry Account Manager – Lab & Medtech

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