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Bürkert valves update UK chemical plant to latest safety standards

06th May 2021
Chemical manufacturing, by its very nature, involves the use of potentially hazardous fluids. It is therefore imperative that chemical manufacturers choose process equipment that offers the utmost reliability to promote efficiency and safety. This was the approach taken when a major UK chemicals manufacturer decided to update one of its plants in Eastern England, where Bürkert valves and switch boxes were fitted to enhance reliability and safety.

Control valves are a vital component of any modern chemical manufacturing plant. Open and closing to various degrees, the valves help to control flow, levels, temperature and pressure. Control valves play a crucial role in achieving the desired end product.

A chemical delivery system overhaul

A control valve usually consists of the valve body, an actuator and a positioner. Of course, control valves in the chemical industry must reach exacting safety and quality standards to ensure they are ready to take on substances that are potentially hazardous.

To one chemical manufacturer, it was clear that the valves at its Eastern England facility had reached the end of their service life. The equipment was now outdated, with only basic safety systems in place to prevent solvents travelling into the incorrect tank. This was compromising confidence in the chemical delivery system and overall efficiency at the plant, especially as it was processing potentially flammable and volatile substances. Therefore, plant operators decided to completely overhaul the facility, to ensure that rigorous chemical industry health and safety measures were absolutely adhered to.

The plant approached Process Instrument Sales, a high-quality instrumentation provider, to source new equipment for the overhaul. A priority was the provision of new control valves. To ensure the utmost reliability and safety, Process Instruments recommended two Bürkert solutions.

Updating the valves

Bürkert’s Type 2651 flanged ball valves were selected to replace the outdated valves. Produced from stainless-steel, the Type 2651 offers an innately high resistance to chemicals, which unlocks an extended service life. Suitable for shut-off or distributing medium flows, a mechanical interface allows easy connection of pneumatic or electrical rotary actuators. All valves and actuators now fitted at the plant are SIL Safety certified.

To ensure the correct opening and closing of the valves, Bürkert Type 1061 ATEX switch boxes with integral pilot solenoids were fitted. Suitable for use in potentially explosive application areas, the Type 1061 combines the function of a position feedback and a solenoid valve in one box. It is incredibly versatile, with multiple versions available and an adjustable bracket allowing it to be used with actuators of various sizes.

Once the central system was fitted by Lark Technology, any risk of leakage and spillage had been successfully minimised. Compliancy with all the stringent health and safety standards and insurance requirements was also achieved. Ultimately, plant operators now had total reassurance that the very best safety applications were now in place for the delivery system of volatile and flammable substances at the facility. This ensured increased efficiency and a greatly reduced environmental risk.

A plant operator from the UK chemical manufacturer said: “The total replacement and modernisation of our plant valves, solenoids and actuators has given us the reassurance that we now have the best safety applications in place. The supply of these high-quality Bürkert valves from Process Instrument Sales has been second to none with absolute attention to detail every step of the way.”


Image 1: Produced from stainless-steel, the Type 2651 offers an innately high resistance to chemicals, which unlocks an extended service life.

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