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Bürkert’s monitoring expertise on show in Telford

21st September 2022
As more live and hybrid exhibitions get underway, Bürkert is gearing up to meet visitors to the Water, Wastewater & Environment Monitoring, taking place at the Telford International Centre, 12-13 October, 2022. The company, located on Stand V6, will be highlighting the benefits of its range of monitoring and control equipment that offers precision and simplicity in operation, as well as a virtual environment that enables visitors to explore different applications.

Operators, designers, contractors and managers from the water and wastewater sectors will all be making tracks to the exhibition, either in person or through the virtual portal. Cutting-edge technology in monitoring and process management will be on show from Bürkert, a leading innovator and supplier to the water industry.

One of the major challenges for the industry is maintaining high water quality. The Type 8905 online analysis system offers automated water quality monitoring for a wide range of applications. This multi-channel, modular system regularly tests a range of parameters including pH, chlorine, conductivity, ORP, turbidity and temperature, with the latest module enabling monitoring of iron levels accurate to 0.03 ppm by volume. This ground-breaking device greatly improves the reliability of data and reduces the time and effort required to collect it.

Bürkert is also an expert in process automation and will have two versions of its pneumatic valve islands on display. The Type 8647 AirLINE valve island can be connected directly to the decentralised peripheral system SIMATIC ET 200SP and the HA variant from Siemens, a popular choice in modern water treatment installations. Meanwhile, the Type 8652 AirLINE valve island can be used with other fieldbus protocols, such as Profinet, Profibus, CANopen, Ethernet/IP etc.

One of the major advantages to these valve islands is the LCD display for each control circuit, which provides real-time feedback on the status of the process. This simplifies commissioning and maintenance, offering immediate information on criteria such as pilot valve status, diagnostics and current pressure values.

Bürkert will also be highlighting its new virtual application centre which enables visitors to look around various applications that can be enhanced by Bürkert’s expertise and knowledge.

Greg Wainhouse, Industry Account Manager – Water for Bürkert, will also be giving a presentation on how the accuracy of a flowmeter can impact on the reliability of a control process. He will explain the importance of properly specifying the components of a process control loop to ensure long-term precision and reliability. The presentation will be on day 2, 13th October from 11:20 am. For more information, visit

Bürkert works with end users, installers and Tier 1 contractors to design optimised process control and monitoring systems for the water sector as well as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. With decades of industry expertise and a cutting-edge line-up of products with proven performance, Bürkert offers the ideal solution for innovative and reliable process control and monitoring.


Image 1: Image 1: Type 8905 online analysis system offers automated water quality monitoring for a wide range of applications.

Image 2: Image 2: Greg Wainhouse, UK Field Segment Manager, Water for Bürkert, will be giving a presentation on how the accuracy of a flowmeter can impact on the reliability of a control process on the 13th October.

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