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Compact Stromag KMS CC marine clutch accommodates 35% larger shaft sizes to benefit vessel packaging

05th January 2021
Combining the versatility and performance of its KMS Multi-Disc marine clutches within a more compact package, Stromag has launched the newly designed KMS CC. Offering an inherent ability to accommodate larger shafts despite its reduced size and weight, the KMS CC provides a distinct advantage for condensing and optimising the propulsion system of almost any ship.

Stromag’s range of KMS clutches encompasses the propulsion system requirements of small and large vessels, thanks to a market-leading torque capacity and a wide range of customisations. Consequently, KMS clutches are suitable for tug boats, ferries, naval and container ships. Common features across the range include an excellent torque to weight ratio, a compact design and an ability to accommodate almost any shaft size.

The KMS CC enhances these core benefits with a new compact design that can accommodate shaft diameters 35% larger than a similarly sized KMS unit. This allows for a smaller clutch size to be fitted, which can downsize the propulsion system. Additionally, smaller centre distances are achieved between shafts thanks to this compact footprint, further condensing the propulsion system. With a torque range of 11,200 Nm to 315,000 Nm – this packaging benefit is not achieved at the cost of performance.

A new switching unit allows the KMS CC to deliver this performance despite its reduced size and weight. The switching unit effectively compensates the large centrifugal forces caused by the oil volume in the piston room, ensuring reliable engagement and disengagement. Matched with its compactness, this ensures that the KMS CC is not only suited for marine main propulsion, but for high speed power take-off (PTO) applications too.

Reduced mass means a lower moment of inertia, minimising required torque to turn the clutch with no load and improving efficiency. The KMS CC offers an innately high thermal capacity too. Additionally, the new design ensures easier mounting or moving of the clutch outer body – a key benefit during assembly.

Stromag, a leading brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., can provide KMS CC clutches for nearly all marine classifications, ensuring a compliant solution. Like the rest of the KMS range, custom bores and connections can be specified to meet customer requirements.

By utilising the latest testing and analysis techniques, Stromag can specify an optimal clutch to meet the speed, torque and dimensions of customers’ powertrains. A proven track record supporting new-build ships or the requirements of gearbox OEMs ensures that clutches are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing interfaces and assembly processes.

As a global designer and manufacturer of clutches for the marine sector, Stromag can provide high quality products and technical expertise to customers in any market. Stromag is a leading provider of clutches to the Chinese market for example. This means that anyone can access the inherent advantages of the KMS CC to condense and optimise the design of marine propulsion systems.


Image 1: The KMS CC provides a distinct advantage for condensing and optimising the propulsion system of almost any ship.

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