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Detent pin range grows to the largest available in the UK

12th March 2024

WDS Components has extended its range of detent pins, adding over 400 new models that cover a vast range of styles, materials, and sizes. The Leeds manufacturer and supplier of standard parts and components offers the largest range of detent pins available in the UK and can also provide same-day shipping for high-volume orders. As well as economical designs, WDS also provides stainless steel detent pins, and now, hardened steel models as well.

Detent pins are a quick and easy way to locate and secure an application in place. The quick release ball locking pin uses two spring-loaded ball bearings to prevent the pin from working free from the application. Ideal when a quick connection fastener is required, detent pins offer greater convenience than a nut and bolt and provide a reliable and accurate connection.

Tough materials

The fasteners can be used as a safety shut-off mechanism for machinery, and they’re commonly used in applications such as gantries to configure and secure the layout of beams. As a quick and simple way of connecting industrial plates, detent pins can also couple light-duty towing equipment, or can be used to secure doors or hatches.

Available in 316 stainless steel, WDS detent pins are suitable for long-term use in corrosive environments. This includes food & beverage preparation areas that are subject to aggressive chemical washdowns, as well as marine environments, and outdoor use including agricultural applications.

Now, a heavy duty hardened stainless steel 17-4 PH detent pin range is also available from WDS. As strong as using a traditional fastener, these designs include the torsional resistance properties of steel, with a corrosion-protected surface that also adds resilience to marking or denting.
WDS also provides zinc-plated steel detent pins, providing strength with an anti-corrosion coating at an economical price point.

Designs for all applications

Numerous styles of detent pin are available, ranging from a simple shank, through to handled versions featuring grips such as T handles and ball knobs. Handles are also available in different materials, from nylon through to stainless steel, as well as various colours, including polished metallic finishes. Designs can also include a keyring, enabling attachment of a label or lanyard.

An array of sizes is available, ranging from 5 mm diameter up to 12 mm, and a variety of detent pin lengths extend up to 120 mm, making them suitable for equipment such as gym machinery for the retention of weights.

Many detent pins in the range are available in the WDS Components Stock Guarantee offer. This means that for any individual order volume that WDS cannot fulfil, up to a guaranteed amount, the company will apply 10% price discount for the remainder of the order. Same day shipping, to anywhere in the world, is also available.

Full details are provided on, including a comprehensive specification. Information also includes-free-to-download CAD files, available in a variety of formats, as well as non-specialist images.

Image 1: WDS detent pins are a quick and easy way to locate and secure an application in place.

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