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Driving Change: Klarius’ strong commitment to SCR tech support

01st August 2023
In the automotive industry, navigating significant transformations to meet stringent environmental standards, Klarius has established itself as a leading authority on aftermarket Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Not only does the company offer high-quality, type-approved SCRs suitable for a broad range of vehicles, but it is also at the forefront of providing top-tier technical support and advice to garage technicians nationwide.

Understanding the nuances of exhaust system repair or replacement, especially concerning SCRs, requires expertise. Klarius understands the importance of a swift and knowledgeable response in the fast-paced world of vehicle repair. Thanks to Klarius’ comprehensive technical support, vehicle technicians can confidently tackle exhaust system and SCR-related issues.

This support includes an industry-leading tech line and practical insights offered via informative tech tip videos. With Klarius, you’ve got an expert partner backing your every move, ensuring each vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible.

Ready to gain a deeper understanding of SCR systems? Klarius has the resources to guide you. Its expert video [] offers critical insights into SCR systems and tips to navigate common challenges. Remember, correct diagnosis is just as important as understanding the issues – there’s usually more to a problem than meets the eye.

Klarius continues its commitment to quality and effectiveness by providing comprehensive knowledge about SCR systems, including essential components such as SCR coatings and AdBlue. As a leading distributor of AdBlue in the UK, Klarius ensures efficient emission control and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) reduction.

In addition to SCR systems, Klarius also brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on Diesel Particulate Filers (DPFs), another crucial component of emission control. Through rigorous R&D process and an experienced team, Klarius offers high-quality products and insights for installation, repair, or replacement of SCRs, DPFs and Catalytic Converters, ensuring that garage technicians are always well-equipped.

The automotive industry continues to evolve, but Klarius remains at the cutting edge, ready to help garages tackle any challenge. So, when you need quality SCRs or advice concerning exhaust systems, remember one name – Klarius. Its unwavering commitment to quality, support, and innovation truly sets it apart as the ‘go-to’ resource for garage technicians.

To learn more, explore its extensive range of products and services, or get in touch for personalised advice, contact 01538 752 561 or visit: 


Image 1: Klarius has a strong commitment to supporting garages with technical advice

Image 2: SCR system diagram

Image 3: Klarius offers an industry leading technical helpline

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