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Electrical engineering innovations: WSCAD’s new data format unites industry giants

12th April 2024
In an innovative advancement for the electrical engineering and building automation sectors, WSCAD has announced the roll-out of its new data format on Marking a significant leap in the availability and quality of parts data. This innovation is championed through a premium partnership with industry leaders such as Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Wago and Weidmüller, setting a new benchmark in redefining industry standards.

Renowned for its comprehensive online library of parts, WSCAD’s resource hub, which is accessible for free at, now boasts over 2.1 million data sets from more than 400 manufacturers. This new structure ensures backward compatibility and introduces advanced data fields designed for future applications, signalling a new era of innovation and efficiency in electrical CAD planning.

This seamless integration of technical data sets, including accurate symbols for all components, fundamentally transforms the electrical design process. Whether drafting an electrical installation plan or a circuit schematic, professionals can effortlessly select any component—be it a switch, valve, or any other device—from their local database or directly from Upon selection, the component is placed within the drawing, complete with its symbol and all pertinent technical data from the chosen manufacturer. This feature ensures that when the component is used in different stages of planning, its representation remains consistent across installation plans and electrical schematics, enriching both efficiency and accuracy.

The collaboration extends beyond technical advancements, embodying a commitment to significantly reduce the time electrical designers and planners spend on creating or updating parts and symbols. By providing up to date, verified product data, the new format enables professionals to save approximately 30 minutes per part, streamlining the design process and enhancing work quality.

Highlighting the impact of the collaboration, WSCAD has given special recognition to the premium partners for their pivotal roles in shaping the new data architectures. In essence, this partnership accelerates the design process and also ensures the data sets are consistently accurate and of the highest quality.

As a result, will feature a special logo to identify data sets conforming to the new standards, enhancing the user experience and trust. This ‘Premium Partnership’ underscores the collective vision of WSCAD and its partners to push the boundaries of what’s possible in electrical engineering. Contributions from Weidmüller, Siemens and the other partners within WSCAD’s electrical CAD solutions provide direct access to high-quality, up-to-date component data, fostering quicker, easier, and more reliable engineering workflows.

Marking a significant milestone in the digital transformation of electrical engineering, the enhanced partnership through offers an unparalleled database of parts data and symbols. Coupled with cutting-edge technology, the platform is set to revolutionise the way professionals design, plan, and execute their projects, solidifying the collective commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.


Image 1: WSCAD has given special recognition to the premium partners for their pivotal roles in shaping the new data architectures.


WSCAD is part of the Buhl Group, which has 700 employees and has been specializing in the development of Electrical-CAD solutions for over three decades. Customers include medium-sized companies, international corporations, and planning and engineering offices. More than 40,000 users from the machine and plant construction sectors, as well as from building automation and installation technology, work with the integrative WSCAD software. On a platform with a central database, it combines the six disciplines of electrical engineering, switch cabinet construction, process and fluid engineering, building automation, and electrical installation. A component exchange is immediately completed in the plans of all disciplines. Mechanisms for standardizing, reusing, and automating processes in electrical design and building automation shorten the planning and construction times from several weeks to just a few hours or minutes, with higher quality work results. Maintenance personnel and service technicians use the WSCAD Cabinet AR App to scan field devices and components in the control cabinet using a smartphone or tablet, and have immediate access to current electrical plans, including BMK, item data, and the original data sheets from the manufacturers.

Users can find over 2.1 million data sets from more than 400 manufacturers in the WSCAD-, EDZ-, DWG- and 3D-STEP format in the world’s most powerful Electrical-CAD data library Use is free of charge, as is the posting of product data by the manufacturers. Eleven seamlessly interlocking services from WSCAD Global Business Services round off the range of services: these include engineering and migration check-ups, workflow and processes, consulting and training, or digitizing paper documents and converting different Electrical-CAD formats.

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