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Emissco aerosol and liquid product development service helps customers bring new products to market

31st March 2021
Updated 17th November 2022

Teaming up with an independent expert in the field can help customers bring products to market in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Aerosol and liquid manufacturer, Emissco, has a wide range of existing product formulations that can be used, or revised, according to customer requirements. Furthermore, new formulations can be easily developed to expand an existing customer range.

Emissco provides its customers with a third-party aerosol and liquid formulation service. This offering includes originating new products or tweaking existing formulas to produce an improved result. With extensive in-house production facilities and experienced chemists, Emissco can quickly bring products to market at a competitive cost point.

“We are an extremely experienced team based in Staffordshire, working from a state-of-the-art facility that includes dedicated R&D lab facilities and manufacturing lines,” says Neil Harrison, Sales Director at Emissco. “Our in-house chemists can create aerosol and liquid formulations to suit a wide range of applications and sectors: including automotive, maintenance, rail, industrial and more. These capabilities mean we can bring new products to market quickly and help customers develop their range and brand”.

Once the formulation process is complete, Emissco can manage manufacturing and distribution. Purpose-built production, filling and packaging lines ensure that large quantities can be manufactured within reduced timeframes – ideal for commercial supply. Support for smaller businesses is also covered, with flexible production capacity available for the manufacture of small batches. The business has large on-site warehouses to hold stock and its own logistics operation, securing availability and enabling shorter lead times on deliveries. This supply capability was recently illustrated by a large export of Emissco products to the Middle East in 2021.

“As well as formulating completely new aerosols and liquids, we have a ready-made range of products that can be easily rebranded for an even faster route to market. Support for custom branded labelling and artwork to customer specification is available,” Andy Foot, Technical Manager at Emissco explains. “Our pre-existing range can be tailored to individual requirements, even in terms of bespoke labelling and packaging. Furthermore, we can work with customer formulations to enhance them and meet specific criteria. We are very flexible and experienced, allowing us to offer a complete solution to our customers from concept to production”.

By teaming up with a trusted expert who has the facilities, personnel and experience to deliver – those looking to introduce new aerosols or liquids to market have a streamlined option to get a quality product on the shelf fast.

Image 1: Emissco provides its customers with a third-party aerosol and liquid formulation service.

Image 2: Emissco can manage product manufacturing and distribution.

Image 3: Emissco has its own logistics operation enabling shorter lead times on deliveries.

About Emissco

Emissco is a leading manufacturer of automotive aerosols and maintenance sprays. The business operates multiple aerosol production lines, which have been purpose built to provide flexible manufacturing capacity to service orders of any size.

The current Emissco range incorporates brake cleaners, fuel system treatments, grease and maintenance sprays. Focusing on providing high quality products and a flexible service to its customers, Emissco provides a truly turnkey service whether you require a small batch of aerosols or full production line support.

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