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Employee long service at Spelsberg increases stability for customers

7th December 2022
The long service of team members at industrial enclosure manufacturer Spelsberg UK has improved service stability for customers. OEMs, end users, and distributors that depend on bespoke design, specification advice, and rapid availability of enclosures have reported improved service thanks to the experience and continuity of Spelsberg’s UK team. With team members achieving 20 years-plus service, this has enabled Spelsberg to optimise expertise and detailed insights into specific customer requirements.

Spelsberg UK’s Managing Director, Chris Lloyd, who has led the company himself for over 13 years, surveyed customers as part of regular communication to ensure their key needs continue to be met. The qualitative analysis revealed that staff expertise on enclosure design and application specifications, combined with detailed knowledge of individual customer requirements, were key factors in providing highly rated customer service.

“The conversations we’ve had with our customers, from large OEMs who require bespoke CNC design, to smaller end users who order tens of enclosures per year, show that a key reason they partner with Spelsberg is because of the stability of our team,” says Chris Lloyd. “This is important for many of our long-term customers that have worked with us for 10 years or more, as well as continuity and a regular contact for newer customers who may need more support.”

Spelsberg UK’s Pro-Active service is managed by Amanda Shepard, who has worked with Spelsberg for nearly 18 years. Taking on customers across all segments and with wide ranging enclosure needs, the role demands a broad knowledge of applications and enclosure technology.

The Pro-Active service provides one-to-one detailed technical and personal assistance for new customers. It provides an immediate response by an experienced team member, ensuring that technical queries, through to questions on availability and supply, are rapidly dealt with. The one-to-one approach guides new customers for around 12 months, before they are transitioned to specialised account management.

“The role is about ensuring that the new customer transition is smooth and that their needs are dealt with quickly,” explains Amanda.

In addition to Amanda’s expertise in industrial enclosures, her background is in procurement for civil engineering projects and building development, an important industry segment for Spelsberg. Amanda was also a senior buyer at a manufacturer, experience that has given her expertise over product development and supply. Amanda is also Spelsberg’s ISO9001:2015 auditor, ensuring quality of standards for all customers, and has management for Health & Safety, including a qualification with the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health.

Meanwhile, Spelsberg’s financial controller is Wendy Gardner. Wendy’s role also comprises stock control, vital to ensure rapid customer availability. As part of the company’s management team, Wendy has been a member of the Spelsberg UK team for nearly 23 years. Wendy has held many roles, specialising as the company has grown. This experience has given Wendy a wide knowledge of Spelsberg’s customer needs.

One of Wendy’s key achievements was overseeing Spelsberg UK’s transition to a larger premises in 2013. Moving to a new Telford site, the current location provides 10,500ft2 to accommodate significant warehouse space, in addition to CNC customisation facilities.

“Our core team includes long-service employees, creating a spirit of commitment to customer service. As we have many long term customers, we know many of them personally,” says Wendy.


Image 1: Amanda Shepard – Pro Active Manager – Spelsberg UK

Image 2: Wendy Gardner – Financial Controller – Spelsberg UK

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