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EMW pump reduces maintenance needs by three quarters

07th February 2024

After years of changing new casings and propellers every three months to their process pump, a metal industry operator switched their worn-out pump to one of Sulzer’s EMW slurry pumps at their melt shop. The client considered the change a leap forward in their slurry pumping technology since the maintenance interval grew significantly, pump efficiency improved, and the change reduced power consumption.

Consulting cooperation in pump selection

After years of handling the client’s pumps via a maintenance service contract, we grew to know their applications as well as the critical factors affecting the
performance of the pumps. Based on deep knowledge of both the circumstances and the way the existing equipment was running, Sulzer’s experts were able to match our technology with the exact needs of the client’s processes.

We applied a well-defined approach for selecting the right kind of pump for the client’s abrasive applications. We were able to precisely dimension a smaller pump from our selection with increased efficiency to replace the old one. The selection resulted in significantly longer maintenance intervals reducing down-time.

The results speak for themselves: better performance at lower costs

The EMW slurry pump has proven to be a good fit for the customer’s application. It meets all efficiency levels and mechanical requirements resulting in optimal performance. The unique and advanced hydraulics in the selected slurry pump have led to improved pump performance and reduced power consumption.

• The customer was able to replace their old pump with a smaller pump with reduced acquisition costs.
• The selection of a smaller pump also led to a decrease of one third in its installed
power consumption throughout its lifetime.
• The maintenance costs have decreased by three quarters with better durability. The client used to replace the pump parts four times a year, and now, with the EMW pump, only once a year is needed.

When compared to other alternatives, Sulzer’s EMW pump range has been
developed relatively recently. This means that we have been able to utilize the latest knowledge of metal processes and abrasive applications, vast research of medium-consistency liquids as well as decades of accumulated know-how from other industries. In a way, this has enabled us to select the features that we know make the pumps perform ideally with regard to changing conditions and various applications.

Together for the win

Initially, the client was not aware that a better option for their costly and ill-performing pump existed. “After getting to know their processes, our team noticed opportunities to educate the client by using our cross-industrial knowledge and expertise in their field. Through open dialogue, we found common ground. We did not only provide one process part but an entire partnership,” summarizes Sulzer’s sales engineer, Bruno Tessarolo, referring to the close and continuous relationship with the client.

After identifying the right technology for the process, the client had full support from the Sulzer team for the installation of the pump. They were provided guidance throughout the commissioning, training, and ongoing maintenance. ”The client is not left alone, and they can rest assured of the stability our support and equipment to continue to run their processes fluently,” Bruno Tessarolo concludes.

Image 1: The EMW slurry pump has proven to be a good fit for the customer’s application

Image 2: EMW-M heavy-duty slurry pumps from Sulzer

Image 3: EMW slurry pump at the site

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