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Faster valve leak testing for reciprocating compressors

04th January 2024

Rapid repairs and maintenance checks are crucial to keeping downtime to a minimum and Burckhardt Compression is continuously investing to ensure customers receive a prompt, quality service. As part of this drive, the company’s service center in Waller, TX, has expanded its in-house capabilities with the addition of a fully automated, digital valve leak testing station. The new equipment will reduce the time for valve overhauls, which Burckhardt Compression carries out on components from any manufacturer.

Approximately 90% of unplanned compressor downtime is attributed to valve failures, so keeping them in optimum condition is essential. Correct valve sealing ensures efficient plant operation and helps to keep the overall running costs to a minimum. However, continuous utilization and exposure to process gases take their toll on the springs and non-metallic elements of the valves.

As part of a compressor overhaul, the valves need to be inspected and repaired as required. Once complete, it is essential to test the valves before they are reassembled. This should be done using pneumatic equipment and in accordance with the OEM’s testing procedure.

Most multi-stage compressors have different cylinder sizes, so valves of various dimensions can be found in a single machine. Therefore, the new testing station is fully equipped to handle numerous valve designs including plate, poppet and ring variants from any manufacturer to ensure customers receive the most efficient and cost-effective service.

Bill Sayre, President of Burckhardt Compression (US) Inc., commented: “This is a great addition to our service center. We have invested in several areas recently to expand our capabilities, all of which will speed up repairs and broaden the range of components we can handle. Our combined expertise and facilities offer some of the best services available for reciprocating compressors.”

Image 1: Burckhardt Compression’s service center in Waller, TX, has new valve testing facilities.

Image 2: The new testing station is fully equipped to handle numerous valve designs from any manufacturer.

Image 3: Valve testing is vital before reassembly to ensure reliable operation after the overhaul.

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