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From Worcester to the World: Celebrating 40 Years of Midland Technical Translations

21st June 2023
Midland Technical Translations (MTT), part of the Marketing + Technologies Group, has celebrated four decades of translation excellence with an event held at its offices based at Midland Road, Worcester. Established in 1983, MTT has evolved from providing translations for the automotive industry, to bridging language barriers for some of the world’s biggest brands.
Technical translation sets MTT apart from traditional translation services. The dedicated team at MTT offers an in-depth understanding of a wide array of industries, from engineering to the medical and legal sectors and more. MTT works with a network of more than 1,200 professional translators and matches each project with someone who possesses the right blend of technical knowledge and industry expertise. This understanding of the specific requirements of (often) niche industries is fundamental to the company’s success and underpins its ability to provide highly accurate translations that customers can trust.

Over the years, MTT has established enduring relationships with both local and international businesses. Its reputation for quality, cemented by corporate membership of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and its ISO certification, has been a cornerstone of MTT’s sustained success.

At a recent celebration marking the 40-year milestone, Sue Clark, Translations Director at MTT, announced her upcoming retirement. Having dedicated 35 years to MTT, Sue leaves behind a legacy of translation excellence. The baton will be passed on to Karen McKay, an experienced member of the MTT team. Karen’s 14 year-long experience with MTT ensures a seamless transition and a continued commitment to the high standards that MTT is known for.

MTT continues to play an active role in supporting Worcester’s local economy, employing local talent and fostering relationships with businesses in the region. Despite its strong local roots, its global reach is undeniable, delivering quality translations to a diverse portfolio of international clientele.

Here’s to another 40 years of global reach, customer satisfaction, industry expertise, and service quality with Midland Technical Translations one translation at a time.

Image 1: MTT translations director Sue Clark (left) will be succeeded by Karen McKay (right) upon her retirement.

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Midland Technical Translations (MTT) is part of the Marketing + Technologies Group and has been providing specialist technical document translation services to companies throughout the world for over 35 years.

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