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Full steam ahead for training at Tetra Pak

21st April 2021
In the food and drinks industry, steam is used extensively for heating and sterilisation processes. It is important that all those involved in the specification and operation of steam systems have a good understanding of control features and maintenance. Tetra Pak Processing UK Ltd., has taken advantage of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems’ steam training sessions, which are held regularly at the company’s headquarters in Cirencester, UK.

The correct design and installation of a steam system ensures safe, efficient and reliable operation. Understanding the principles that affect the performance of a steam system is very important in the food and beverage industry and also one of the reasons why Tetra Pak Processing UK has chosen to send its staff on a training course.

Alex Duckworth, Service Account Manager at Tetra Pak Processing UK, explained: “The global relationship between Bürkert and Tetra Pak meant that we already knew before attending the training that it would be a beneficial experience. We wanted to increase our knowledge and understanding of the Bürkert technology used in the control of steam processes and this course did exactly that.”

Alex concluded: “The trainers were highly professional throughout the course and engaged with all the participants. The increase in knowledge from attending will definitely benefit not only my colleagues and I, but also our end customers.”

Kirsty Anderson, Marketing Manager at Bürkert UK, added: “We are passionate about sharing knowledge and our training programmes are designed to deliver the greatest benefit and education to those who attend. Our training is based firmly on the knowledge and experience we exercise on a daily basis. The course structure is well established and it is delivered in a comfortable and professional manner.”

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Image 1: Full steam ahead for training at Tetra Pak

Image 2: Full steam ahead for training at Tetra Pak

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