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‘Glocalisation’ defines robust Spelsberg UK 2021 supply chain

13th April 2021
2020 has presented multiple challenges to businesses, especially in terms of overcoming supply chain interruptions. Spelsberg UK, a leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures, is offering its customers the opportunity to overcome these challenges in 2021. Combining the reliability of a responsive, localised supply service with global support – the business is offering a solution to supply interruptions via glocalisation.

Glocalisation refers to the combination of a local and global service, both combining to provide a more reliable supply chain. The main aim is to overcome possible interruptions in the supply chain, which have become more common during the pandemic. Of course, many customers depend on a reliable supply chain, so forward-looking suppliers such as Spelsberg are enacting this combined approach to provide it.

Localised supply chains are defined by short, robust supply routes. With products travelling less distance, the chance of interruption or delays is greatly reduced. Supplier responsiveness is also improved. However, in cases where a very specialised product or a high quantity is required, global support can provide additional assurance and capabilities. When both are operating in mutual support, ‘glocalisation’ is the result. The term was first used in a 1980s issue of Harvard Business Review . For customers, it means increased assurance that orders will arrive exactly when needed, even in the face of external factors.

Spelsberg operates a strong localised supply chain in the UK, backed by the largest domestic stock holding of non-metallic electrical enclosures, totalling nearly £500,000. Thousands of enclosures in a wide variety of sizes, materials and specifications are ready for high speed delivery to meet the needs of electrical design engineers, OEMs, installers and other customers. To illustrate this, Spelsberg UK offers next day delivery for 99% of orders.

This is matched with a comprehensive customisation service that includes dedicated production lines and CNC machinery. Facilities exclusive to the customisation service mean that specialised products have surprisingly short lead times. Therefore, the requirement for specialised enclosures can be met domestically too.

Ultimately, this combination of a large stock holding and a dynamic customisation service ensures a highly robust localised UK supply chain that is incredibly resistant to interruptions due to external factors.

However, Spelsberg’s capability extends well beyond the UK. The business is a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality enclosures to the construction, marine, defence, rail, tunnel, power, renewables, food and beverage sectors. Founded in Germany in 1904, the business has manufactured enclosures for over 115 years. During this time, it has been at the centre of technological development of enclosures, holding over 80 patents around the world. This global proficiency provides added assurance to Spelsberg UK customers, ensuring that even the most local supply chain has the strong support of a highly successful multi-national organisation.

Chris Lloyd, Managing Director at Spelsberg UK, concludes: “Glocalisation provides our customers with the assurance that they will receive a quality enclosure, exactly to specification and delivered at the perfect moment. This will define our approach in 2021, as we leverage our local capabilities backed by our global reach, to ensure that our supply service can continue to overcome future challenges, eliminating uncertainty from our customer supply chains.”



Image 1: ‘Glocalisation’ defines robust Spelsberg UK 2021 supply chain

Image 2: ‘Glocalisation’ defines robust Spelsberg UK 2021 supply chain

Image 3: ‘Glocalisation’ defines robust Spelsberg UK 2021 supply chain

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Spelsberg is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical enclosures in the world. With over 4,000 enclosures available as standard and further customisation possible, it offers solutions for almost any application.

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