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IndustryExpo 2021 Virtual trade show goes live…

22nd January 2021
Updated 18th November 2022

The world’s largest 3D virtual trade show IndustryExpo has launched its 2021 version with more exhibition stands, new visitor attractions and a stunning new Super-HD 3D navigation system.

The virtual exhibition for 2021 is officially open from 22nd January. Entering its third year, the show now offers a visual experience that is very close to that of a physical event, but without many of the obvious drawbacks. Hosted in a life-size, purpose-built exhibition hall with booths built to real-world dimensions, IndustryExpo’21 combines Super-HD resolution viewing of products, and on some stands, avatars of real people. All of which makes the browsing experience as life-like and intuitive as walking around a real show.

Using photo-realistic 3D models, mixed with live chat on the booths, plus, on-demand presentations in the auditorium, and video conferencing, the show combines some of the best aspects of both the physical and virtual experience. Being online means IndustryExpo’21 is far more convenient to attend. It is also a lot more environmentally friendly; with a carbon footprint less than 1% of that of an equivalent physical show.

The online exhibition is free to enter once you have registered and can be accessed using any device with an up-to-date web browser. The platform is optimised for mobile use, but due to the size of phone screens, a tablet or PC will provide a better viewing experience. As a general industrial exhibition, visitors can expect to see a wide range of innovative engineered products, automation, training, and software solutions from a mixture of SMEs and world leading brands.

Statistics for the 2020 event confirm that over 300,000 visits were made during the year, which underlines how making the event available 24/7 contributes to high attendance figures. There are a host of new exhibitors joining for 2021, plus other new features such as the auditorium (open now) and a virtual coffee bar to chat live with the organisers, plus other engineering attractions to be revealed throughout the year.

Registration is free and easy to complete, have fun exploring!

Image 1: The world’s largest 3D virtual trade show IndustryExpo has launched an even bigger and better show for its third year in 2021.

Image 2: IndustryExpo ’21 opened its doors officially on 22nd January 2021 with a host of new stands and features including Super-HD navigation.

Image 3: e-tickets have been issued for IndustryExpo 2021, allowing visitors to ‘click’ to enter and explore a wide range of innovative engineered products, automation, training, and software solutions.

Image 4: IndustryExpo Virtual Exhibition 2021 logo

About IndustryExpo Virtual Exhibition Virtual Exhibition is an industrial trade fair that hosts a range of exhibition stands from SMEs to market leading brands. The platform works the same way that a live exhibition does, except that you can visit at any time, from anywhere. The hall and all the stands are rendered out to real physical dimensions. As a visitor, you are able to explore the hall in the first person or shortcut to the exhibitors that interest you using an interactive floorplan or exhibitor list.

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