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05th March 2024
With the addition of 17 new parts to its ever-growing catalogue, Klarius demonstrates its ongoing dedication to providing high-quality aftermarket emission components. This release offers broad support for a wide range of vehicles including replacement catalytic converters (CATs) and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for the Dacia Sandero.

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Since its debut in December 2007 in Brazil, the Dacia Sandero has become an endearing sight on the roads with its combination of affordability, reliability, and practical design. Part of Renault’s budget brand and catering to a wide audience, the Sandero has successfully carved out a niche in the competitive subcompact market segment. Its appeal stretches from first-time car buyers to families looking for a second vehicle, thanks to its low maintenance costs, spacious interior, and fuel efficiency.

Fast facts:

• A sustainable option: As well as being affordable, recent models of the Dacia Sandero offer eco-friendly options, including bi-fuel versions that run on LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), highlighting Dacia’s steps towards sustainability.

• Running with the rally: While not as commonly associated with motorsport as some high-performance vehicles, versions of the Sandero have competed in various rally events, showcasing its versatility and reliability.

• The affordable runner: The Dacia Sandero has been consistently recognised for its exceptional value, winning awards for being the most affordable car in the UK.

Klarius is committed to keeping vehicles like the Dacia Sandero running smoothly, offering over 11,000 applications to ensure these essential parts are accessible for the specific car you need them for. With TÜV and VCA accreditations, each product meets stringent quality and safety standards, providing motorists and technicians with peace of mind. Klarius also offers a comprehensive two-year warranty on all applicable parts, accompanied by part fitting kits to ensure a quick and easy installation process.

Understanding the importance of minimising vehicle time on the ramp, Klarius has optimised its operations to ensure reduced lead times. This efficiency is driven by Klarius’s in-house logistics operation, which ensures that parts ordered by 5.30 PM are eligible for next-day delivery to stockists and distributors throughout the UK. This commitment to rapid service allows for maintenance and repairs to be conducted without delay, keeping cars on the road and running efficiently.


Image 1: Klarius releases 17 new parts, including CATs and DPFs for the Dacia Sandero

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