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Klarius puts you in the fast lane to correct exhaust parts

22nd August 2023

Navigating the world of automotive repairs can be a minefield, especially when it comes to ordering the right parts. Simply specifying a replacement exhaust using the vehicle registration number, which can span multiple years, may lead to the wrong component being delivered. Knowing exactly what to specify when speaking to a distributor can save a costly, time-consuming return and protect customer satisfaction.

In the fast-paced, detail-oriented world of automotive repairs, getting it right first time is critical. Garages are constantly under pressure to deliver quick turnarounds without compromising on the quality of service. One common stumbling block? Ordering the correct parts.

While working under these pressures, it’s tempting to rely on registration numbers when specifying parts. Whilst it may seem a straightforward method, registration numbers can often cover multiple years and model types. Automotive manufacturer component designs can vary from year-to-year, so the registration is not always a reliable indicator. There is a chance that the ordered part won’t fit as it doesn’t properly correspond to the vehicle model, necessitating a return. Consequently, solely relying on registrations can lead to delays, unnecessary costs, and potential customer dissatisfaction.

To address this, Klarius offers valuable advice and tools to garages to ensure the right part is specified and delivered. The key information required to identify the correct part includes the vehicle’s make, model, year, fuel type, body type, engine size, transmission, and the Euro standard. Gathering these crucial details not only streamlines the ordering process but also significantly reduces the chances of the wrong part being ordered.

Despite these measures, there may still be times of uncertainty about the ordering the correct part. In these cases, Klarius offers additional support through its technical helpline. The helpline provides direct assistance from Klarius experts, delivering instant access to the design and application knowledge of a leading exhaust manufacturer.

Additionally, Klarius’ free online web catalogue serves as a robust tool for identifying exhaust system components. This easy to use platform is yet another resource garages can leverage to find the correct part.

With this support in place, Klarius proves to be a dependable ally for repair garages, dedicated to helping technicians overcome common exhaust challenges and succeed in their mission of delivering the best possible service.

Discover how to streamline your ordering with Klarius’ quick video guide:

Image 1: Klarius provide specification advise to garages to ensure the right part is ordered.

Image 2: Klarius provide specification advise to garages to ensure the right part is ordered.

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