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medmix introduces MK H40+ dispenser with technologically advanced design.

07th January 2022
As we celebrate the centennial anniversary of the MK brand (est. 1922) and its benefits of quality, reliability, and performance, medmix is now launching the first of a new generation of MK 1-component, manual dispensers with an improved look and feel, for long-lasting professional performance.

First manufactured and supplied by Krøger A/S, MK was acquired by Sulzer Mixpac in 2016. Under Sulzer Mixpac ownership this year, the MK brand is now also part of the medmix global product portfolio of market-leading, high-precision delivery devices.

The new MK H40+ dispenser benefits from a new ergonomic design for faster and easier professional dispensing, out-performing both its predecessor (H40) and other similar models. It is the perfect device for applying adhesives and sealants in remote locations or tight spaces, where compressed air and battery options are not appropriate or available.

The robust aluminum handle and steel frame construction – already existing in the H40 model – now include easy clean, epoxy-coated components with a long-life span mechanism designed for durable and reliable performance.

Whilst maintaining full compatibility with the classic range of 310mL, 1-component cartridges, the new universal frame design, now containing a U-shaped opening for easy cartridge fit, can accommodate other ranges of MIXPAC™ 2-component, co-axial cartridges such as MIXPAC New Peeler™ or Mixpeel™.

Combining some of the best ergonomic elements of the range, the robust aluminum handle in the new MK H40+ allows for easy and comfortable single-handed dispensing. Performing in the most demanding of dispensing environments, the 360o rotating frame allows users to access hard-to-reach areas.

One of the new features in this dispenser is its trigger-integrated brake release for faster control of the bead. The new single hand grip operation produces even and consistent dispensing control throughout, resulting in a smoother, more precise flow control and application performance.

The design of the MK H40+ dispenser is proprietary and protected and strictly follows the MK recognized standards that ensures the best combination between style and function.

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Image 1: medmix launches new MK™ H40+ dispenser

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medmix Industry delivers the world’s leading hand-held mixing and dispensing systems for adhesives and sealants. Through MIXPAC™, COX™ and MK™ we specialize in the mixing and hand-held dispensing of adhesives and sealants. We have strong partnerships with industrial manufacturing, production, coating, and construction leaders that have lasted for close to 100 years.

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