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medmix prevents counterfeit Cox dispensers entering UK supply chain

18th January 2023
Updated 18th January 2023

medmix has protected end users by working with a UK distributor to defend trademark rights and remove counterfeit products imitating its COXTM handheld sealant and adhesive dispensers from sale.

Having successfully identified the illegal supply route, medmix is now supporting the distributor by providing a direct OEM supply of genuine, high quality dispensers.

“Realizing that the products were not genuine, the distributor quickly removed all counterfeit dispensers from their product range. From a negative situation, we have worked together with this distributor to achieve a positive outcome by providing them with dispensers direct from our UK manufacturing facility.” explains Hans-Peter Brack, Head of IP Management at medmix group.

medmix is a global leader in high-precision delivery devices. COX single and multi-component dispensing systems are popular for applying sealants and adhesives in construction and industrial applications. Available in either manual, electric or pneumatic models – the range offers durability, performance and compatibility with a multitude of cartridge sizes.

“We protect end users from counterfeit products by working with local customs and carrying out internet trademark and image monitoring, as well as engaging directly with our sales network. Our new medmix website is being updated to offer information on how to identify all of our authentic products and how to identify their potentially dangerous counterfeits, while our marketing team works to educate our customers on how to avoid fake products,” 

Hans-Peter concludes: “Our policy is to stop counterfeit products. Whether our users are sealing a roof or applying adhesive, we want them to have the assurance of a genuine product that offers the utmost in safety and performance. We also support our distributors to remove counterfeit products from the market, by providing them with genuine products from a reputable source.”

“As a technology company holding trademarked and patented solutions for applications from construction to dental to medical – we understand the harm counterfeit products can cause. We will continue to protect our innovations and customers from inferior copies.”

Image 1: Look for the original – COX trademark and country of origin on the handle. (Picture source and rights by medmix Switzerland AG)

Image 2: COX logo

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medmix is a global leader in high-precision delivery devices. We occupy leading positions in the healthcare, consumer and industrial end-markets. Our customers benefit from a dedication to innovation and technological advancement that has resulted in over 900 active patents. Our 13 production sites worldwide together with our highly motivated and experienced team of nearly 2’000 employees provide our customers with uncompromising quality, proximity and agility. medmix is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland.

Our shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX: MEDX). 

medmix Industry delivers the world’s leading hand-held mixing and dispensing systems for adhesives and sealants. Through MIXPAC™, COX™ and MK™ we specialize in the mixing and hand-held dispensing of adhesives and sealants. We have strong partnerships with industrial manufacturing, production, coating, and construction leaders that have lasted for close to 100 years.

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