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On the road again! – CC-Link IE to maximize connectivity during Mitsubishi Electric’s Solutions in Motion tour of North America

04th May 2022
The CC-Link Partner Association’s (CLPA) open industrial network technologies will play a key part in Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s new mobile showroom, also known as Solutions in Motion. The centerpiece of a North American roadshow, which will bring the latest automation technologies direct to customers’ doorsteps, offers a unique platform for companies to learn more about Mitsubishi Electric’s and CLPA’s innovations.

The Solutions in Motion mobile showroom will embark on its latest tour in June 2022, showcasing industrial automation solutions that can advance productivity, efficiency, and performance, as well as futureproof operations. An exhibition venue on wheels, the 53 foot long trailer houses specially designed technology stations for distributors, machine builders, systems integrators and end-users to explore in a 500 square foot space.

All the automation components within each area will communicate with each other, creating an extensive, fully interconnected environment aligned with smart manufacturing principles. The enabling technology to support this feat will be CLPA’s CC-Link IE open industrial gigabit Ethernet.

The importance of advanced network technologies in the factories of the future will be highlighted on a dedicated technology station focused on connectivity solutions. This display will showcase the functions and benefits of CC-Link IE as well as the latest industrial communications solution from the CLPA, the Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) compatible CC-Link IE TSN. In particular, visitors will be able view a live demonstration of certified automation devices communicating via these technologies to deliver real-time, deterministic motion control.

Companies will also be invited to learn more about how joining the industry-leading global organizations CLPA and e-F@ctory Alliance can help to ensure interoperability with key players in the automation industry, such as Mitsubishi Electric. As a result, device vendors, distributors and machine builders can rely on a comprehensive automation ecosystem to facilitate the creation of fully integrated automated facilities.

Tom Burke, Global Director of Industry Standards at Mitsubishi Electric, comments: “We are excited to be on the road again with our mobile showroom, visiting our distributors, partners and customers. This innovative setup enables us to personally deliver an insight into how our solutions can help address today’s manufacturing challenges and showcase the latest innovations in industrial automation technology. At the same time, we can demonstrate how CC-Link IE offers the levels of performance, connectivity and availability required for successful, state-of-the-art applications.”

Roy Kok, Senior Partner and Alliance Manager at CLPA, concludes: “We are proud to have a dedicated display in the Solutions in Motion mobile showroom that highlights the CLPA’s and its members’ technologies for smart manufacturing applications. As the common thread that ties the entire exhibition together, our network technologies represent a key asset in the creation of smart factories. We look forward to discussing how with customers during this tour through Canada, the United States and Mexico.”

To find out more information about CLPA’s and its partners’ technologies during the Solutions in Motion tour and see when the mobile showroom will be near you, visit:


Image 1: The CLPA’s open industrial network technologies will play a key part in Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Solutions in Motion mobile showroom.

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