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Professional filling service for sustainable packaging system ecopaCC from medmix by CTA GmbH in Ludwigsburg, Germany

28th November 2022
medmix is providing customers with sustainable packaging solutions for adhesives & sealants used for industrial applications. Supporting this, CTA is offering its customers full contract filling services for the MIXPACTM ecopaCCTM, a collapsible, foil based, high performance packaging. The ecopaCC significantly reduces plastic waste by 75% compared to a conventional solid cartridge with equivalent volume, while also saving transportation costs and waste volume.

medmix, a leading provider of high-precision liquid application and mixing technologies, has developed the ecopaCC sustainable packaging system. CTA, a large filling service provider based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, is already successfully supplying its customers with this innovative solution.

CTA provides development, production, filling, packaging, assembling and logistics services for chemical-technical products. The company regularly supplies solutions used for applications in various industries such as wind energy, automotive, transportation, aerospace, electronics, chemistry and many more. CTA belongs to the largest contract manufacturers for two component cartridge filling in Europe. CTA’s service offering for the ecopaCC packaging system ensures that medmix customers can specify a proven sustainable cartridge to support environmental strategies and reduce emissions.

In addition to remarkable CO2 emission saving during its manufacturing process by its unique design, using a significantly reduced amount of plastic combined with production processes, powered by renewable energy, the ecopaCC requires four times less space for shipping. This results in reduced logistics requirements and emissions during transportation. The collapsible design also means that empty ecopaCC cartridges can be stored requiring 4 times less space compared to the solid cartridge design, which reduces the storage cost of empty cartridges significantly. The cartridge uses a support sleeve, which can be re-used up to 1000 times. The packaging design ensures exceptional mechanical and barrier properties, while offering full compatibility with standard dispensers. So, customers can order professionally filled ecopaCC cartridges in any quantity from CTA.

Franco Menchetti, Sales Manager at CTA, further adds: “Using dedicated machines developed ourselves, we may offer tailored ecopaCC filling services for low to high viscosity products. Our inherent flexibility as a contract manufacturer ensures we can provide everything from samples to full production runs – delivered anywhere in the world. We also carry out custom labeling to meet various industry or customer based branding requirements, enabling the production of fully finished products. Our long-standing relationship with medmix since 2006, high technical expertise, a strong logistics network as well as in-house capabilities reflects a complete service offering for the outstanding and sustainable packaging system ecopaCC.”

CTA ensures the highest quality with its rigorous testing and inspection processes in place which includes extrusion and application tests as well as X-ray inspection of filled cartridges for enhanced quality purposes for customers. Quality inspection for each production run can be tailored to customer specific requirements or industrial standards. As a result, customers are ensured to get cartridges filled at the highest quality levels, which enhances performance. “We are seeing market pressure in the industrial sector towards more sustainable cartridge and packaging products,” says Christian Majoleth, Product Manager at medmix Switzerland. “This is due to customers wanting to reduce the environmental impact of their business and tightening regulations around the world regarding emissions and plastic waste reduction. By adopting the ecopaCC, customers can take an important step to achieve their sustainability targets and hence towards an improved CO2 footprint overall.”


Image 1: ecopaCC used for construction applications

Image 2: ecopaCC filled

Image 3: ecopaCC when fully compressed – minimal waste

Image 4: The life of an ecopaCC cartridge – effective and efficient sustainability

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