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Quality exhausts help save motorists money

27th April 2023
Product quality is important, especially when it comes to critical automotive components. Fitting a car with an inferior exhaust can cause a wide range of expensive issues – but help is at hand. Leading aftermarket exhaust manufacturer, Klarius, offers premium, type approved products which conform and, in some cases, exceed the performance of the original part, helping to saving motorists money.

At a time when most motorists are cash-strapped, fitting a poor quality exhaust carries risks. An inferior replacement can have a very short service life and affect overall vehicle reliability, leading to further costly repairs. Fuel economy is often compromised too, meaning motorists will spend more money on fuel in the long term. Fitment can also be an issue, exhausts that are difficult to fit increase the cost of repair at the garage. Furthermore, they can cause MOT failures by increasing emissions, which necessitates an immediate replacement to ensure vehicle roadworthiness.

With exhausts costing hundreds of pounds before labour, the additional expenses of inferior replacements are something motorists can do without. Luckily, there are plenty of quality products available that save money on repairs.

James Ellison, Sales Director at Klarius Products, the UK’s largest exhaust manufacturer, comments: “We develop and test our exhausts on vehicles of correct make, model and production year – ensuring an optimum replacement that matches or exceeds original equipment (OE) performance. We prove this with type-approval certification from the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) or TÜV for all our applicable parts.

“Highly automated manufacturing processes, aluminised steel construction and specialist weld materials mean our products are robust and deliver long-term durability on the road. We’re so confident of our quality, we offer a Fit First Time guarantee and a standard 2-year warranty across our range.”

In short, choosing a high quality, type approved exhaust will help save money by being a like-for-like replacement for the OE item. First of all, it will last longer, avoiding further repairs in future. The exhaust will fit properly first time, ensuring a faster, cheaper fix. Once fitted, it will deliver OE matching performance, securing long-term vehicle reliability. Fuel economy will be protected, so increased trips to the pump don’t become the norm. Finally, it won’t negatively impact emissions, helping cars and vans to pass MOTs.

“Choosing a cheaper exhaust can actually result in more repairs and greater expense down the road. The best way to save motorists money is to go with the high quality solution first time,” says James.

Learn more about how quality, type approved exhausts can save motorists money in the video below.


Image 1: Quality exhausts help save motorists money

Image 2: Klarius type approval relevant parts with the VCA and TÜV

Image 3: A quality replacement from Klarius saves time on the ramp

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