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Reinventing a classic: The Spelsberg Abox has been given a 21st century upgrade

14th May 2024

The Abox series from Spelsberg has been a staple product for electrical installers and OEMs for decades. Rugged, easy to install and cost effective, it’s one of the most recognisable junction boxes on the planet. Now, thanks to a ‘ground up’ re-design, the Abox and Abox Pro offer a more reliable connection than ever before.

At its heart, the Abox series is designed to be quick, simple and safe for a multitude of installation situations across almost any industry. Tough construction and weatherproof design makes them suitable for outdoor use, and smart design means installation requires minimum effort. The latest product release builds upon these qualities to offer the very best connection solution on the market.

What’s new?

Installation is faster than ever before, thanks to an intelligent ‘single screwdriver’ design. The junction box’s cover screws are fastened using a standard Pozidrive PZ/S screwdriver, the same that will be used for the supplied terminal blocks and clamp mounts within the enclosure. The boxes feature internal centre markings to enable precise and fast placement during installation.

The internal size has also increased by as much as 35% – offering a significant increase in space for those trickier installations. Maximum wiring freedom improves cable management during the install and also makes it easier to work inside the junction box should maintenance or updates to the connection be required in the future.

For the most rugged of applications, the introduction of the new Abox Pro answers all but the most extreme requirements. It offers IK09 impact resistance and high chemical resistance to a wide range of materials. With IP69 protection and temperature resistance from -35ºC to +80ºC, the Abox Pro can be used in 99.9% outdoor applications.

Don’t’ fix what isn’t broken

Of course, Spelsberg’s engineers have been just as diligent in protecting the Abox’s best loved features as they in introducing the new.

Installers still benefit from easy access through a choice of soft membranes (Abox 100) or patented knockouts. The soft membranes are self-sealing to IP66 while the knockouts ensure that the required cable cross-section comes out cleanly. One welcome update to entry is a guaranteed 3 entry points on at least one side on even the smallest enclosures.

Of course, the Abox and Abox Pro continue to set the industry benchmark for proven quality, with VDE, DNV and DLG certifications. This assures the installer and end-user that Spelsberg offer the highest quality standard for safe electrical installations in extreme indoor and outdoor environments – even industries such as marine, offshore and agriculture.

Get it done. Easy.

Fundamentally the Abox is still the same product that it’s been for the last 30+ years. This latest offering simply takes the simplicity and reliability to new lengths. As always, Spelsberg UK is able to offer a full design consultation and customisation service to all orders of any size, adding further versatility and convenience to what is probably the best junction box on the market today.

Image 1: Spelsberg Abox redefines safety, flexibility and speed of assembly in the installation of junction boxes.

Image 2: Spelsberg Abox Pro series offers unrivalled protection in extreme environments.

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Spelsberg is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical enclosures in the world. With over 4,000 enclosures available as standard and further customisation possible, it offers solutions for almost any application.

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