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Reliable emergency safety showers rely on polycarbonate enclosures

23rd January 2024

Aqua Safety Showers is one of the UK’s leading providers of emergency safety showers. Essential for the welfare of operatives working in environments involving chemical hazards, the shower systems depend on their electrical supply for power, control and alarms. Robust junction boxes are vital to ensure long-term system reliability, so the manufacturer has partnered with Spelsberg for the durability they need. To deliver customer demand with a fast build, the enclosures must also be quick to wire up and install.

In environments where hazardous substances are in use, human safety is imperative. This means that for locations such as wastewater treatment plants and industrial production facilities, where operatives often work in close proximity to potentially harmful chemicals, close availability of an emergency safety shower is a critical requirement.

Aqua Safety Showers, based in Wigan, supplies emergency safety showers to contractors across the UK. These installers fit and support Aqua Safety Showers’ range of plumbed-in, mains-fed showers and eye-wash systems, predominantly to industrial facilities, but wherever personnel might come into contact with potentially harmful chemicals.

Reachable in 10 seconds

Today in the UK, stringent health & safety regulations covering the potential of chemicals coming into eye contact mean that many environments require a system with a plumbed-in eye wash. Should the system be needed, a continual water source enables constant irrigation of the eye. Alternatively, if chemicals come into contact with the skin, the Health & Safety Executive’s Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations might require a 15-minute shower wash-off. The close proximity of eye washes and showers to the hazard are necessary too, and the recommendation is that these systems should be reachable within 10 seconds.

Aqua Safety Showers supplies around 200 units a year, each one built to order, and the company also features on the framework supplier list of national water authorities and various blue-chip industrial corporations. All the company’s emergency safety showers are manufactured to ANSI or BS standards. With a highly robust, long-lasting construction, Aqua Safety Showers only manufactures with stainless steel and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) materials, which also ensures that their showers resist corrosion.

For safety, to ensure constant availability, all tank fed safety showers are provided with a power failure alarm to enable rapid inspection. Aqua Safety Showers also includes features such as digital water temperature displays as standard, along with   photo luminous shower signage for clear viewing in darker environments.

Durable enclosures with high IP rating

In addition to a power connection, each emergency safety shower needs electrical inputs for system telemetry and alarms. Aqua Safety Showers has partnered with Spelsberg UK for the supply of junction boxes that protect these terminal connections. As per installation guidance, junction boxes should be positioned in as safe and sheltered a location as possible. Even though the enclosure is fitted to the rear of the shower unit, out of the direct water flow, these protective boxes feature an IP66 rating, necessary to prevent any water ingress.

As the showers are always installed in rugged, industrial environments, the enclosures also need to afford strong protection for their electrical connections. Spelsberg’s enclosures feature high impact resistance as a result of their robust polycarbonate construction.

As Aqua Safety Systems supplies its range pre-wired, ready for installation by the contractor, ease of using the enclosures is crucial to minimise resources and complexity in build.

“Spelsberg makes the junction boxes with all the terminals and dividers set up, ready for us to come in with our wiring,” explains Janet Waine, Managing Director, Aqua Safety Showers. “They’re very easy to use. Thanks to Spelsberg’s integrated knock-outs, we establish the cable entry points, dependent on the configuration the customer needs, and then we seal each cable with the special cable glands that maintain the IP rating.”

Positive customer service
Thanks to Spelsberg UK’s in-house customisation team, the enclosure manufacturer also provides a printing service, applying Aqua Safety System’s logo and contact details to the box. This not only saves time and cost for the shower manufacturer, but it also ensures a long-lasting finish. 

The company has used Spelsberg enclosures since it began trading in 2016, but Janet explains that she has specified Spelsberg enclosures since she began in the market nearly 30 years ago.

“Spelsberg is a really easy and pleasant company to work with. The support is great, and if there’s anything we need to serve our customers, the Spelsberg team are there to support us. There’s always a quick turnaround, and the quality of the enclosures is always really high.”

Image 1: Aqua Safety Showers partnered with Spelsberg UK junction boxes that protect terminal connections.

Image 2: Aqua Safety Showers partnered with Spelsberg UK junction boxes that protect terminal connections.

Image 3: Aqua Safety Showers, emergency safety showers range.

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