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Revitalizing Idaho’s hydrocarbon landscape

13th February 2024

In the expansive terrain of Idaho, where hydrocarbon reservoirs are rare and remote, a gas processing company faced a significant challenge. The company had two pivotal 7042 Ariel JGK compressors that had been out of action for over a decade and was facing rising rental costs for equipment that was not meeting stringent emissions standards. However, it found a solution after consulting Burckhardt Compression.

The gas compressing company, with its rich history of hydrocarbon discoveries in recent years in remote locations, faced a series of complicated challenges. Firstly, the hydrocarbon reservoirs’ remote location meant there was minimal existing infrastructure, making operations and logistics particularly challenging. This remoteness also posed significant transportations difficulties, especially when it came to moving equipment and resources to and from the site.

Equipment challenges and strategic choices in Idaho

Another issue was the state of its equipment. Following the discovery of the only two hydrocarbon reservoirs in Idaho, the company’s two Waukesha 7042 Ariel JGK compressor packages had lain dormant for over a decade, suddenly became crucial. However, their decade-long period of inactivity necessitated a comprehensive overhaul to restore them to full operational status.

In an attempt to address this, the company initially turned to rental compressors and engines to facilitate the extraction, processing, storage and distribution of the hydrocarbon. However, this solution proved to be unsustainable as rental rates continued to soar. Moreover, these rental units presented another challenge; they failed to meet the stringent engine emissions control requirements set by the state of Idaho, leading to potential compliance issues.

Finally, while the company did consider procuring new replacement compressor packages, it was deterred by the high costs associated with them. Additionally, the excessive lead times for these new units made them an impractical choice for the company’s immediate operational needs.

Burckhardt Compression’s comprehensive revamp and logistical solutions

When approached by the gas processing company, Burckhardt Compression was able to provide solutions using a holistic approach. It began by meticulously rebuilding the Waukesha engines, restoring them back to their prime original status. This restoration was further enhanced by integrating the engines with Engine Ignition Control System (EICS) kits, modernizing the ignition system for improved efficiency and reliability.

Addressing the logistical issues, Burckhardt Compression took charge of setting up cranes for heavy lifting and managing the transport of equipment and resources to and from its service center at Kilgore, Texas, one of 10 service centers in the US. This was complemented by its commitments to a comprehensive revamp of the entire engine and compressor packages. Its team of experts ensured that every piece of equipment was not only fully operational, but also tailored to meet the gas processing company’s specific needs.

Comprehensive approach to compliance and client satisfaction

Recognizing the importance of environmental compliance, Burckhardt Compression introduced pivotal modifications to the compressor packages. These adjustments ensured alignment with the stringent emissions standards. Its commitment to seamless integration was evident in its on-site installation and start-up services, ensuring that the revamped equipment was smoothly integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Burckhardt Compression undertook a zero-hour overhaul for the compressor frames and cylinders, effectively rejuvenating them to a brand-new state. This was paired with upgrades to all skid components, control panels and lubrication systems, ensuring a modernized and optimized setup.

Reflecting on the project’s success, a spokesperson for the gas processing company remarked, “We’re immensely satisfied with the Ariel JGK compressor solution provided by Burckhardt Compression. Its expert team delivered a cost-effective, reliable and top-quality solution that surpassed our expectations. Our partnership with Burckhardt Compression has been fruitful and we’re excited about future collaborations.”

Burckhardt Compression emerged as a one-stop solution for the entire project. Its comprehensive approach not only addressed the immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for efficient long-term operations for the customer.

Image 1: Revamped compressors ready for action on-site.

Image 2: Compressor repairs at Kilgore service center.

Image 3: Compressors on skids, prepped for delivery.

Image 4: An Ariel compressor, primed and polished.

Image 5: Side view of the Ariel compressor, showcasing its intricate components.

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