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Shaping the Future of Electrical Documentation: WSCAD Unveils Cabinet AR App with Redlining Function

29th August 2023

The Cabinet AR App, a part of WSCAD’s Electrical-CAD solution, is redefining standards in electrical engineering documentation for assembly departments, plant builders, facility managers, maintenance and service companies. Users can access digital wiring lists, electrical schematics, 3D views of components, item data, and manufacturer data sheets anytime and anywhere, all without the need for paperwork and always updated with the latest technology.

The new version of the Cabinet AR App introduces features designed to streamline workflows. These include the innovative redlining with PDF export, a contemporary and intuitive UI/UX design, and a powerful search function that quickly locates information within the schematics.

The term ‘redlining’, originating from the printing and publishing industry, refers to marking changes on technical drawings, schematics, contracts, or other documents, and highlighting them for immediate notice. With WSCAD’s Cabinet AR App on their smartphone, users can make changes and annotations in their electrical documentation. These changes are immediately available to all parties involved, including the design departments. This enhances communication, fosters transparency and ensures traceability.

“With our new Cabinet AR App, users can easily find a component’s information within the schematic. With the new redlining feature, changes and annotations are directly added to the schematic,” explains Michael Hermann, Product Development at WSCAD. “This makes the Cabinet AR App ideal for maintenance personnel and electrical professionals who want to keep all data of their facilities up to date and digitally available at their fingertips. Carrying hefty paper documents to the construction site or the shop floor is over.”

The Cabinet AR App also provides a quick search function for alternative products through the free online article database The App is an integral part of WSCAD’s Electrical-CAD solution and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Image 1: With the new Redlining feature in WSCAD's Cabinet AR App, service technicians and maintainers can document changes directly on-site within the electrical documentation – ensuring up-to-date, understandable records available to everyone at any time.


WSCAD is part of the Buhl Group, which has 700 employees and has been specializing in the development of Electrical-CAD solutions for over three decades. Customers include medium-sized companies, international corporations, and planning and engineering offices. More than 35,000 users from the machine and plant construction sectors, as well as from building automation and installation technology, work with the integrative WSCAD software. On a platform with a central database, it combines the six disciplines of electrical engineering, switch cabinet construction, process and fluid engineering, building automation, and electrical installation. A component exchange is immediately completed in the plans of all disciplines. Mechanisms for standardizing, reusing, and automating processes in electrical design and building automation shorten the planning and construction times from several weeks to just a few hours or minutes, with higher quality work results. Maintenance personnel and service technicians use the WSCAD Cabinet AR App to scan field devices and components in the control cabinet using a smartphone or tablet, and have immediate access to current electrical plans, including BMK, item data, and the original data sheets from the manufacturers.

Users can find over 1.4 million item data from more than 380 manufacturers in the WSCAD-, EDZ-, DWG- and 3D-STEP format in the world’s most powerful Electrical-CAD data library Use is free of charge, as is the posting of product data by the manufacturers. Eleven seamlessly interlocking services from WSCAD Global Business Services round off the range of services: these include engineering and migration check-ups, workflow and processes, consulting and training, or digitizing paper documents and converting different Electrical-CAD formats.

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