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Spelsberg ceiling lamp conduit box casts new light for concrete structures

03rd April 2024

Further supporting both pre-cast and in-situ concrete construction, enclosures expert Spelsberg has added a new large conduit box for ceiling roses to its IBT range. The U 120 GRO-3-CR is specifically designed for the UK market, providing UK fixing centres for ceiling mounting points for lamps that is ideal for modern residential and commercial building projects.

Pre-cast construction involves the prefabrication of structural elements off-site, while an in-situ approach entails the pouring of concrete on-site. Time saving, cost-effective and space efficient, both methods provide the opportunity to easily incorporate electrical infrastructure directly into walls and ceilings. To achieve this, Spelsberg has developed the IBT system of boxes and inter-connecting conduit, which securely attach to formwork and ensure ingress-resistant apertures for the straightforward installation of sockets, lights, smoke detectors and other electricals once the concrete is set.

The U 120 GRO-3-CR conduit box is an all-new addition to the IBT range, providing a mounting point for ceiling hooks, a recess for downlights and support for ceiling roses. Now, users of the IBT range can specify a ready-made solution for this lighting in pre-cast and in-situ construction projects.

Specialised for the domestic market, the U 120 GRO-3-CR features a UK specific lamp mounting with locations for fixing screws to secure standard ceiling roses. Suitable for concrete slabs up to 75 mm thick, the enclosure comes with sealing end-caps to ensure concrete doesn’t enter the box during pouring. An optional M5 threaded bushing offers a load capacity of 10 kg to provide reliable holding of a ceiling hook and the enclosure is rated for use with halogen lamps up to 6.5 W and LED lamps to a maximum of 3 W.

Chris Lloyd, Managing Director at Spelsberg, said: “Pre-cast and in-situ concrete is being rapidly adopted in British construction projects, from hotels to residential developments. For the first time, this new conduit box provides direct support to contractors in the UK that want to expedite projects and deliver high quality ceiling fixtures for lamps.”

As is typical with the Spelsberg range, the U 120 GRO-3-CR can be optimised to suit customer requirements thanks to the company’s in-house customisation service. Dedicated production capacity ensures that bespoke designs can be delivered on short lead times. Spelsberg’s experience supporting pre-cast and in-situ concrete projects, along with its central location in Telford, offers assurance of reliable, timely delivery to building sites across the UK.

Image 1: Spelsberg IBT range for lighting in pre-cast and in-situ construction projects.

Image 2: Spelsberg U 120 GRO-3-CR features a UK specific lamp mounting with locations for fixing screws to secure standard ceiling roses.

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