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Superior crafted, high-speed replicated components for legacy compressors

06th December 2023
Reliable machinery depends on high-quality components and maintenance, but not all OEMs continue to support their equipment for more than 10 years after manufacture. When it comes to reciprocating compressors that are expected to provide decades of service, Burckhardt Compression is leading the field in offering high-speed replicated legacy compressor components (HSRLCC). Burckhardt Compression, as an OEM, has over 150 years of experience now offers HSRLCC for many brands of compressors.

Pre-emptive maintenance is crucial to retaining a reliable machine and this requires all the necessary components to be available during the planned downtime. Burckhardt Compression is making this task much easier for operators of many compressors, such as GE Gemini and M&H compressor frames. Using its ISO manufacturing facilities and international supply base, Burckhardt Compression offers precision components quickly as a cost-effective solution for the challenges facing operators – without compromising OEM quality.

Decades of experience working with renowned legacy brands ensures that new components are not simply accurate replicas but are often re-engineered and improved versions tailored to application demands. Reverse engineering of components via metrology grade laser scanners and ultra-high accuracy technologies CMM (coordinate measuring machine) enable precision components to be manufactured to high-quality standards and rigorous specifications.

Pristine components include upgraded, routine parts, such as piston and rod groups and assemblies with rolled threads, rings and performance upgrades, oil pumps, valves, replacement bearing, seal kits and packing case assemblies. More specialized and/or precision components, such as crankshafts, crossheads and front covers (Q1 2024), are available from Burckhardt Compression, which has a comprehensive inventory of components as well as specialized manufacturing facilities to deliver replacements when they are required. A step above other manufacturers, HSRLCC are stored in dedicated, managed, climate-controlled warehousing with a vast inventory to minimize downtime thanks to shorter lead times.

With an incredible ease of doing business, Burckhardt Compression’s personal, multi-tiered support, including technical, engineering, project management and installation services, ensures a simple and cost-effective business process.

To find out how to extend the reliability and service life of a legacy reciprocating compressor, or to get in touch with component experts now, contact the specialists at


Image 1: Burckhardt Compression is leading the field in offering high-speed replicated legacy compressor components (HSRLCC).

Image 2: Burckhardt Compression has a comprehensive inventory of components available.

Image 3: Burckhardt Compression has a comprehensive inventory of components available.

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Burckhardt Compression is the worldwide market leader for reciprocating compressor systems and the only manufacturer and service provider that covers a full range of reciprocating compressor technologies and services. Its customized compressor systems are used in the gas gathering and processing, gas transport and storage, refinery, chemical, petrochemical as well as in the industrial gas and hydrogen mobility and energy sectors. Burckhardt Compression’s leading technology, broad portfolio of compressor components and the full range of services help customers around the world to find the optimized solution for their reciprocating compressor systems. Since 1844, its highly skilled workforce has crafted superior solutions and set the benchmark in the gas compression industry.

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