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synTQ added to vendor-neutral SciY scientific software platform

03rd October 2023

The Optimal Group, consisting of Optimal Industrial Technologies and Optimal Industrial Automation, has added its solutions to the SciY™ platform of advanced, vendor-agnostic scientific software and automation technologies. Optimal’s comprehensive portfolio of highly integrated data-driven solutions will enhance the support that SciY offers to life science and biopharmaceutical companies looking to reap the benefits of digitalisation.

The SciY platform was launched by Bruker’s new Integrated Data Solutions division. It combines and integrates a wide range of high-performance digital solutions to deliver a comprehensive, vendor-agnostic suite of laboratory and manufacturing software, plus automation technologies, to industry players in the life science sector. The products offered are designed to support data analysis, data management, quality control and workflow automation by streamlining data acquisition, integration and interpretation as well as enhancing the value of data in R&D and manufacturing.

Included in the SciY portfolio are vendor-neutral solutions from the Optimal Group, Mestrelab Research, Arxspan and ZONTAL. Optimal’s market-leading Process Analytical Technology (PAT) knowledge management system, synTQ, is part of the set of modular solutions offered. This is an enabling technology for digital transformation that can help life science and biopharmaceutical companies improve product development, manufacturing and quality testing, streamlining time to market while driving key efficiencies.

Martin Gadsby, VP at the Optimal Group, comments: “We are excited to have our vendor-agnostic PAT and automation solutions added to the SciY platform. With SciY, customers will be able to leverage the synergies of our software solutions and specialist teams to implement comprehensive Pharma 4.0 applications that can advance their competitiveness in a challenging marketplace.”

Dr. Santi Dominguez, President of the new Bruker Integrated Data Solutions division, commented: “By developing and utilising the synergetic capabilities of best-in-class teams and software products at Mestrelab, ZONTAL, Arxspan, and Optimal, our SciY platform is reshaping research and development activities in the biopharma and life science industries. The SciY platform of vendor-agnostic software solutions allows the integration of our customers’ physical laboratory instruments and automation hardware with their scientific research, development and manufacturing data into a digital environment to deliver maximum value with minimum effort and disruption. We are aiming to support our clients in their digitalisation to drive seamless innovation and accelerate the time to market for new drugs, to automate life-science lab and manufacturing QC processes, and to support efficacy and patient safety.”

About SciY™
SciY is a vendor-agnostic advanced platform offering a broad range of software solutions across the life sciences research, development and manufacturing automation and QC functions – easy to integrate, flexible, user-centric and uncompromisingly performant. By streamlining data analysis and management, SciY empowers scientists and researchers, accelerates scientific discoveries and enables precise decision-making. SciY is a brand of Bruker Integrated Data Solution division that was born from collaborations and majority-acquisitions of renowned vendor-agnostic software partners. 

Image 1: Optimal has added its solutions to the SciY™ platform of advanced, vendor-agnostic scientific software and automation technologies.

About Optimal Industrial Technologies Ltd

Within the Optimal group, we have more than 30 years’ experience in the automation and optimisation of control and data management systems for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, life science and other process industries.
The demands being placed on manufacturers in relation to getting products to market sooner, minimising development and production costs together with increasing product quality and business sustainability are ever increasing. Our primary aim is to deliver measurable improvements in all these target areas.

In addition to practical automation and system integration expertise, Optimal Industrial Technologies has also developed the world-leading PAT Knowledge Management software platform – synTQ® – which is used by over 60% of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and is now being adopted by other process industries. synTQ has been a proven enabler of QbD via PAT by significantly increasing productivity and quality, while reducing waste, time to manufacture and time to market for batch and continuous processes.

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