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The Emissco customer journey to quality aerosol or liquid products

01st April 2022
Updated 17th November 2022

Originating and delivering a new product to market might seem like a complex task, but for aerosols and liquids, Emissco offers a complete, integrated service incorporating design, manufacture and delivery for private label branded chemicals and aerosols. We tailor quality formulations to create value for our partners by developing and delivering chemical products and solutions that help build and support their brands and businesses.

Product development begins with a customer consultation to understand their needs. Emissco achieves this from the very start, with a team of dedicated experts ready provide solutions to support our customer’s projects.

Our Emissco chemists begin the technical process, offering our portfolio of formulations, or working with customer’s bespoke specifications. Emissco continues to create innovative offerings to our customers and industry. Our flexibility ensures a faster and more economical development process – all while delivering a product that exactly matches or improves specification.

The design phase not only incorporates the product, but packaging too. Emissco design teams can produce eye catching branding and labels to make products stand out on the shelf. Allowing products to display distinct brand identity and have an edge in a competitive market.

With the design of a product and the packaging complete, Emissco can provide full-scale, cost-effective aerosol and liquid manufacturing for the commercial market. Operating purpose-built automated production lines at its facility, Emissco optimises the process for each product, ensuring large quantities or small batches can be delivered quickly and to a level of high-quality. Specialised packaging and filling machines further expedite the production process.

The Emissco service doesn’t stop there. A dedicated, in-house logistics operation means that smaller volumes of finished products can be delivered nationwide on reduced lead times. Responsive supply service means that products make it into customer logistics frameworks and onto the shelf faster, maximising profitability. Emissco is experienced in providing rapid delivery to supermarkets, forecourts, retailers and distributors throughout the UK. Furthermore, when international transport is required, Emissco has a proven track record of exporting products overseas.

Offering a complete service for the formulation, design, manufacture and logistics of aerosols and liquids – Emissco provides its customers with a partnership that saves time and adds value when launching a new product or range. With each service available individually or combined as an integrated tailored solution – the journey to your next aerosol or liquid product starts now.

Image 1: Emissco customer journey

About Emissco

Emissco is a leading manufacturer of automotive aerosols and maintenance sprays. The business operates multiple aerosol production lines, which have been purpose built to provide flexible manufacturing capacity to service orders of any size.

The current Emissco range incorporates brake cleaners, fuel system treatments, grease and maintenance sprays. Focusing on providing high quality products and a flexible service to its customers, Emissco provides a truly turnkey service whether you require a small batch of aerosols or full production line support.

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