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The importance of Klarius’ Fit First Time guarantee

25th October 2023
In the fast-paced world of automotive repair, garages need a reliable source for high-quality aftermarket parts that will fit first time. Klarius stands out as the go-to for garages, for both its extensive range of first-class products but also its invaluable technical advice. One of the cornerstones of its offering is its Fit First Time (FFT) guarantee. But what does this mean for garages and customers? Discover the skills behind the perfect fit.

For deeper insights into the importance of Klarius’ Fit First Time guarantee for garages, and how the business makes it happen, hear it from the experts in this video:

Klarius is about more than selling exhaust systems; it’s about engineering excellence. The company’s in-house research and development (R&D) department is a hive of innovation, releasing new emissions components to the market on a regular basis. Its team of experts utilise purpose-built facilities to cater for all types of vehicle applications, be it old or new models.

All of Klarius’ emissions components are designed using advanced 3D CAD software, with reference to OEM samples. This ensures that all its components are developed to suit specific marques, models and production years for an exact fit. Rapid prototyping, 3D laser scanning and custom fabricated fitment templates further aid development, allowing engineers to deliver parts to market on reduced lead times.

When originating a new product, OE specifications are met through real-world vehicle fit testing. But achieving perfect fitment isn’t just about the design of the device. All aftermarket emissions products from Klarius have OE quality mountings available, incorporating clamps, brackets, clips and fasteners in either durable metal or heat-resistant rubber materials.

Choosing a system with a FFT guarantee ensures ease of fitment with no more unnecessary tinkering or modifications, as all products fit right out of the box. This means that vehicles spend less time on the ramp, enabling garages to serve more customers and enhance their bottom line. Additionally, a quick and smooth fitment process leads to happier customers, solidifying the garage’s reputation in the long run.

As time is of the essence in this industry, ensuring prompt access is vital. To meet this demand, popular stock is housed at local motor factors, often available same day. This is complemented by next-day UK delivery to distributors from the factory on orders made before 5:30 PM, making products readily available for both pre-planned and immediate work.


Image 1: Klarius follow strict manufacturing and testing processes to ensure the highest product quality.

Image 2: Klarius follow strict manufacturing and testing processes to ensure the highest product quality.

Image 3: Klarius parts are designed to Fit First Time

Image 4: Choosing a Klarius product leads to less time and hassle for garages

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Klarius Products is a dedicated Emission Control Products manufacture and supply company servicing primarily the UK and EU markets. The business supplies type approved exhausts, CATs and DPFs designed, developed and manufactured in the UK and delivered via its own logistics operation. Klarius Products operations are centred on the manufacturing, R&D, test track, logistics and stock facility hub based in Cheadle in the UK.

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