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The journey to bespoke machinery

04th July 2022
Designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining bespoke machinery for production lines in demanding sectors such as automotive, rail and general industry may seem like a complex process. However, expert machine manufacturers offer customers an integrated approach to every tailored machine build, ensuring that your custom equipment is delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Adrian Degg, Group Engineering Director at KMT, explores the key stages of machine build projects and how turnkey engineering providers can support in delivering optimised equipment to factory floors.


An essential part of every project is the design phase, in which expert engineering teams closely collaborate with customers to scope out application requirements. Virtually any machine design is possible when working together with a turnkey service provider that has design engineers highly experienced in meeting the requirements of OEM production lines. Blueprints and CAD models are provided for sign-off in customer specified formats. This ensures that your process and performance requirements are met with an application specific machine design.


With design completed, a machine builder with an in-house fabrications facility can quickly produce custom equipment frames and tooling. Experienced fabricators and welders using state-of-the-art machinery, including in-house laser cutters and press brakes can manufacture to the highest quality standards. This ensures truly custom designs that meet the customer and industry relevant requirements with high reliability.

Machine Building

Machines are more than just metal though, which is where skilled machine builders come in. A complete electromechanical approach offered by a machine builder means that almost any system can be integrated into a machine design. This includes the implementation of powertrains, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, controls and instrumentation. Some builders even have the ability to produce custom software or create user interfaces that match your existing equipment to ensure operator familiarity. As a result, new or upgraded machines will not only offer exceptional efficiency, but will be optimised to the needs of each customer process.


As well as offering custom machinery, machine builders can renew older equipment too. A cost-effective method to extend the service life of existing assets, a refurbishment service allows you to rejuvenate a dependable machine with new controls, instrumentation and tooling – greatly improving efficiency and reliability.

Learn more about the benefits of machine refurbishment here


With your perfect machine built and tested, managing delivery and installation at your production facility is the next step. A complete in-house approach allows some machine builders to offer reduced lead times, with engineers familiar with a wider range of industry requirements providing turnkey installation services. This ensures a swift and straightforward machine installation, reducing downtime for your operations.


That is not the end of the story though. Some machine builders can also support the future reliability of your equipment with around-the-clock maintenance support services. Maintenance personnel can be made available to proactively service machines, troubleshoot any issues and ultimately ensure availability. This can even include stationing dedicated teams at your facility, allowing the fastest possible response, helping to improve manufacturing operations.

Maximise your productivity with KMT

Sourcing your perfect machine needn’t be complex when you choose the right machine builder. KMT offers all of the aforementioned services under one roof, backed by decades of experience and a flexible, high capacity engineering capability.

With a structured, in-house approach, KMT can provide a truly bespoke engineering service that delivers an optimal machine for your production process. With a proven track record in wide range of industries, including the automotive, rail and industrial sectors – KMT has the solutions and expertise ready to help you maximise your manufacturing productivity.


Image 1: KMT has extensive in-house fabrications facility and can produce custom machine frames and tooling.

Image 2: KMT has extensive in-house fabrications facility and can produce custom machine frames and tooling.

Image 3: Virtually any machine design is possible, with design engineers highly experienced in meeting the requirements of OEM production lines

Image 4: KMT experts can provide installation and maintenance services to ensure maximum uptime for production equipment

About KM Tools Ltd

KM Tools Ltd (KMT) specialises in manufacturing, maintaining and renewing specialised machines used for the manufacture of automotive components, with a specialist focus on emission control (Exhaust, CAT & DPF) product manufacture. It also specialises in providing precision assembly-line jigs and machines for the rail industry.

Its machines are used by leading brand manufacturers building parts for the OE market and the automotive aftermarket across the globe. Our manufacturing and service centre is based in a purpose built facility the Midlands from which it manufactures, services and rebuilds and supports hundreds of individual machines.

KMT can service, support and re-manufacture most machines from any original manufacturer, including one-off custom designs. It also develops tooling and workholding solutions such as bespoke automated, or semi-automated mandrels, jig and fixturing systems.

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