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The Nissan Micra: Proving that size doesn’t matter!

18th September 2023
Klarius Products continues to expand its range with new part releases, supporting popular vehicles like the Nissan Micra. Whether a replacement catalytic converter (CAT) or a diesel particulate filter (DPF) are required for this supermini or almost any other vehicle, Klarius delivers. Every component also comes with a reassuring minimum two-year warranty and a ‘Fit First Time’ guarantee.

Over the years, the automotive industry has witnessed the rise of iconic vehicles that perfectly blend style with performance. This month, our spotlight is on the Nissan Micra – a glowing testament to this tradition. With its bold styling, novel features, and robust performance, the Micra has secured a special place in drivers’ hearts, making it a beloved choice for motorists.

First introduced in 1982, the Nissan Micra quickly became a game-changer in the realm of compact cars. Born from a drive to compete fiercely in the supermini market, this agile vehicle combined Japanese engineering precision with adaptable features suited to both city streets and open roads. Over its lifespan, the Micra has undergone multiple transformations, each time pushing the envelope of design and functionality. From its pioneering ‘bubble’ design in the K12 third generation to its adventurous foray into convertibles with the Micra C+C, this car has consistently reinvented itself while retaining its core identity.

Fast facts:

• Micra Cup: Canada hosts the “Nissan Micra Cup,” a one-make racing championship where all competitors race in nearly stock Nissan Micras. It’s an affordable entry into motorsport and emphasises driver skill.
• Robot Car: In the early 1990s, a K11 Micra was used as the base for a ‘robot car’ experiment at the University of Oxford. This was one of the early steps in autonomous vehicle research.

Klarius is extending its commitment to delivering quality aftermarket emissions control solutions to the sought-after Nissan Micra 0.9 from model years 2016-2019, with components developed specifically for these vehicles now available. By consistently aiming to match or even exceed OEM specification, the business ensures that all replacements fit seamlessly.

Proudly standing as the UK’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket exhausts, Klarius offers support for an impressive 11,000-plus applications. Ensuring prompt access, popular stock is conveniently housed at local motor factors, complemented by next-day UK delivery for stockists and distributors on orders made by 5:30 PM. Securing type-approval from the UK’s Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and Germany’s TÜV ensures that every relevant component complies with the stringent safety and environmental standards for its intended vehicle.


Image 1: Klarius release a new range of aftermarket car parts, now offering support for the 2016-2019 Nissan Micra.

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Klarius Products is a dedicated Emission Control Products manufacture and supply company servicing primarily the UK and EU markets. The business supplies type approved exhausts, CATs and DPFs designed, developed and manufactured in the UK and delivered via its own logistics operation. Klarius Products operations are centred on the manufacturing, R&D, test track, logistics and stock facility hub based in Cheadle in the UK.

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