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Tolomatic extends accurate and durable linear rail actuator range

12th December 2023

Linear motion specialist, Tolomatic, has extended the capability of its twin profile rail linear stage actuator. The new TRS 225 doubles the maximum stroke length, now up to 2,200 mm, and boosts maximum load up to 1,960 kg. Tolomatic’s Twin Rail Stage system gives machine build OEMs a two or three axis linear motion system with a configurable stroke length to meet application needs. OEMs can drive the TRS with their choice of motor, and the linear system is supported in the UK by motion specialist INMOCO.

Tolomatic’s TRS twin axis linear motion range extension joins the existing TRS100 and TRS165 models. The new TRS225 pushes total force up to 14,880 N and maximum load bearing up to 1,960 kg and raises the speed to 1,270mm/sec. This wide capability is intended for machine builders requiring linear motion for applications such as machine centres, gantries, and heavy-duty material handling applications. The new capability of the TRS225 model also enhances robotics integration and can extend the reach of cobots by providing an additional axis. 

The TRS actuators ensure high accuracy along the length of travel, with a choice of either a roller screw, offering ± 0.0102 mm/300 mm, or a ball screw, providing ± 0.100 mm/300 mm. The linear stages are also highly rigid, thanks to twin rails per actuator and an enclosed design with an extruded body and machined base. This minimises deflection, making the TRS a highly stable platform for cutting and drilling applications.

Tolomatic also designs its linear actuators with Endurance Technology features for maximum durability and extended service life. This includes stainless steel dust bands, added to the enclosed design to prevent ingress with IP44 protection. Breather/purge ports also provide positive pressure with air lines and filters, ensuring that contaminants cannot penetrate to the internal system. As the wiper and seal are integrated with the carrier design, this feature also enhances clean and smooth operation.  

The TRS multi-axis actuator system can be used with an OEM’s choice of motor with the flexible ‘Your Motor Here®’ option. Tolomatic is also able to supply OEMs with the correct mounting hardware for the motor selection, including either in-line or reverse parallel fitting. INMOCO, supporting UK OEMs with Tolomatic’s linear motion range, can also specify and supply the required AC servo motors to drive the TRS actuators, as well as matched drives and controllers. 

To speed up OEM installation, Tolomatic can pre-assemble the TRS actuators in multi-axis configurations, including XYZ positioning. The linear stages can also be customised, including bi-directional functionality.  INMOCO’s engineers are able to size the required actuator and UK OEMs can contact the motion specialists for full specification and integration support. 

Image 1: Tolomatic new TRS225 Twin Rail Stage stroke configurable Actuator


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