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Tsubaki Neptune™ chain keeps the drinks coming for beverage manufacturer

04th March 2021
The beverage industry operates on a global scale, with its growth driven by our desire for convenient drinks. With the needs of billions to cater for, beverage manufacturers need to utilise highly reliable equipment to meet demand and secure profitability.

A beverage manufacturer in the Netherlands approached Tsubaki to provide a highly reliable drive chain to boost its equipment uptime, allowing it to capitalise on customer demand.Growing beverage demand

The global beverage industry is a story of continuous growth, matching an expanding human population and resulting demand. Trends such as improved living standards, the desire for convenience and changing tastes have spawned technologically advanced production lines and cold chain facilities to deliver beverages to consumers worldwide. In 2018, the global beverage industry was valued at US$1,544.61 billion1, with future predictions estimating further growth in the years to come.

High duty requirements

To meet this demand, beverage manufacturers need to secure the reliability of production lines. A highly efficient production line that can provide high output is essential for meeting customer demand. It is also vital for securing profitability. Mass produced beverages offer low profit margins per unit, so ensuring reliable high output is key for manufacturers looking to maximising return. Furthermore, many beverage manufacturers will have supply contracts to honour with businesses such as supermarkets. These are incredibly lucrative, and failure to fulfil delivery quotas places these agreements at risk. Ensuring the continued reliability of production equipment is therefore incredibly important for the prosperity of a beverage manufacturer.

Washing it down

Combined with these demanding duty requirements, beverage manufacturers must also ensure that hygienic standards are maintained. High pressure chemical washdowns are standard across the sector, which reduce product contamination risks. However, this can adversely affect equipment that is not specialised for these operational conditions. Power transmission components on equipment such as conveyors are particularly at risk: chains for example.

In the case of conveyor chains, repeated high pressure chemical washdowns can cause corrosion on the surface of the chain. This rust can increase chain wear in operation. Ultimately, this wear will mean that the chain fails prematurely. The resulting downtime can cause the entire production line to grind to a halt. While maintenance is carried out, production output is decreased, and consequently, overall profitability. Rust can also present a contamination risk to the product itself. To avoid this outcome, a specialised chain solution is required.

Beating chain corrosion

A beverage manufacturer in the Netherlands was experiencing increased wear on a lube-free chain installed on the drive of a bottle conveyor. The stainless-steel chain of the conveyor itself was subjected to a weekly washdown with an alkaline cleaning substance. With prolonged use, the aforementioned lube-free drive chain had begun to exhibit corrosion that was increasing wear. In an effort to eliminate the problem and reduce maintenance, the manufacturer approached Tsubaki to provide a new chain better suited to requirements.

Tsubaki offers a highly capable range of conveyor chains with multiple specialisations to meet specific application challenges. To provide end users with a highly corrosion resistant option, Tsubaki has a range of Neptune™ chains, which are ideal for bottle conveyor applications.

Neptune™ chains feature a special surface treatment that is designed to resist alkaline cleaning, marine environments, acid-rain and other adverse weather conditions. Link plates, bushings and bearing pins feature two special layers to ensure maximum protection from conditions and operational wear and tear. The chain is also resistant to varying temperatures and excessive moisture.

After inspection of the conveyor, Tsubaki provided the beverage manufacturer with the lube-free RS12B-1 Lambda Neptune™ roller chain. Its inherent resistance to corrosion ensured an instant improvement in reliability. This increased service life extended maintenance intervals, thus promoting uptime and productivity. As a result, the beverage manufacturer could capitalise on growing market demand, securing profitability. The elimination of rust ensured that associated contamination risks were effectively reduced.

Tsubaki provides a wide range of chains in Neptune™ specification, with experts available to visit facilities and specify an exact solution, tailored to maximise reliability. A proven track record delivering hygienic, corrosion resistant conveyor chains to the global food and beverage industry ensures a knowledgeable service. Beverage manufacturers can therefore trust Tsubaki to help improve uptime and keep the drinks coming, meeting global demand.


Image 1: Tsubaki’s range of Neptune™ chains are ideal for bottle conveyor applications. (Image Source: Tsubaki)

Image 2: Tsubaki provided the beverage manufacturer with the lube-free RS12B-1 Lambda Neptune™ roller chain. Its inherent resistance to corrosion ensured an instant improvement in reliability.

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