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Turnkey contract manufacturing services for specialist fluid and aerosol formulations

17th August 2021
Updated 17th November 2022

With dedicated laboratories and production lines designed for contract manufacturing, Emissco can help companies to formulate new fluids and aerosols as well as complete ranges. The company also offers a ready-made, proven range of maintenance and cleaning solutions for automotive, industrial as well as rail applications.

Developing new fluid and aerosol products doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Emissco offers businesses a contract manufacturing service that reduces development costs while also providing commercial production capacities. This means that companies can deliver products to market faster, helping to secure profitability.

Formulated by expert chemists in-house, all fluids and aerosols are produced and packaged on state-of-the-art production lines. Each line has been designed to precisely and efficiently fill a range of container shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the business has custom labelling machines and can accommodate multiple can designs to suit different branding requirements.

James Ellison, Sales Director at Emissco, expands: “We offer a complete range of fluids and aerosols for automotive, rail and industrial applications – encompassing everything from train brake cleaner to car air-con sanitiser. The range is proven and specifically designed for easy rebranding.

“Our state-of-the-art equipment and focus on quality, processes and formulations ensure that products can be introduced to market quickly. Additionally, we offer the production capacity and flexibility for the agile manufacture of either a single rebranded product or an entirely new range.”

As part of the Klarius Group of Companies, Emissco has decades of experience in the Automotive sector, which is reflected in the Greases & Lubes, Cleaners & Additives and Valeting ranges. A leading manufacturer itself, Emissco’s Industrial Range is designed to maximise the service life and performance of production equipment. The Group is also a key player in the rail industry, directly supporting OEM manufacturing lines across the UK, with the knowledge gained greatly influencing the Rail Range.

By partnering with Emissco, businesses can benefit from cost and time effective product development and manufacturing services, all with quality assurance and peace of mind. Furthermore, with dedicated in-house formulation, a modern lab and up to 24/7 production capability, this contract manufacturing service delivers the expertise required to create aerosols and fluids for the commercial market.

Image 1: Emissco offers a ready-made, proven range of maintenance and cleaning solutions for automotive, industrial as well as rail applications.

About Emissco

Emissco is a leading manufacturer of automotive aerosols and maintenance sprays. The business operates multiple aerosol production lines, which have been purpose built to provide flexible manufacturing capacity to service orders of any size.

The current Emissco range incorporates brake cleaners, fuel system treatments, grease and maintenance sprays. Focusing on providing high quality products and a flexible service to its customers, Emissco provides a truly turnkey service whether you require a small batch of aerosols or full production line support.

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