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V-Ex builds complete Digital Twin of ETL London

26th October 2023

Entire exhibition & conference event – rebuilt as a visually stunning immersive 3D experience.
If you’ve never been to ETL before it’s a great way to look around and see what to expect at this year’s event on 15th & 16th November 2023 at ExCeL London.
“ETL has worked with V-Ex on a “Digital Twin” of last year’s event so visitors can see stands, look around the hall and even watch last year’s sessions – it’s the ultimate way to make sure you didn’t miss a beat.”, says Adam Parry, Co-founder of ETL.
V-Ex, a part of the Marketing + Technologies Group, is well known for hosting large-scale virtual / hybrid exhibitions and conferences in visually striking 3D venues. Virtual experiences designed by V-Ex are typically built for event owners and organisers around the world who are looking to provide a premium immersive experience to wider online audiences. 
The V-Ex Digital Twin service was launched to bring the convenience, accessibility, and sustainability credentials of a proven online platform to owners and organisers of established physical events and venues looking to extend the reach of their live events online. 
“There has been a huge shift in the marketplace again recently and we are finding that a lot of forward-thinking exhibition and conference operators are now making sensible moves toward balancing their product portfolios between physical and hybrid models.”, Roland Renshaw, Marketing + Technologies Group CEO explains.
Building a Digital Twin of ETL London is seen as an important project for V-Ex, as the team at ETL not only runs a series of successful industry events but is also a well-respected industry advocate of new event technology. 
Watch the video of Adam and Roland discussing the ETL London Digital Twin here: 
You can experience the ETL London Digital Twin for yourself here: 
FAQ: More about the ETL London Digital Twin
While you can’t beat a physical show for excitement and meeting people, there is always a big potential audience online who can’t make it to a physical event but have an equally valid reason for attending, and the ETL team wanted to provide the very best experience for them online.
Visual realism
All the 3D content is modelled on real-world dimensions, materials and lighting conditions, so it looks real. V-Ex also uses the very latest animation and render techniques to create a dynamic environment, not photographs.
Audience and accessibility
The online show is being promoted to an audience of more than 100,000 people, with natural SEO, word of mouth and other promotional activities expected to further boost visitor numbers.
The exhibition platform [V-Ex] is designed to work on PC’s tablets, TVs and smart phones; in fact, anything with a modern internet browser. It’s a rich HD visual environment, so the larger the screen and the more responsive the device, the better the user experience.
The build
The online show is based on the live shows with exhibitors from London present, plus lots of on-demand content from the live stages at the show. 
Contact V-Ex: Anne-Marie Howe, 
Marketing Manager, Marketing + Technologies Group, 
Contact ETL: Fiona Littler, 
Head of Global Marketing and Business Development, 

Image 1: ETL has worked with V-Ex to develop an immersive 3D online Digital Twin of its physical exhibition event at London ExCeL in November.

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