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Virtual exhibition opens 10,000m2 of new floor space

26th March 2020
The hugely popular virtual exhibition has opened a second, larger exhibition area for phase two of its quarterly launch cycle. The world’s first and currently only online, full-scale interactive virtual trade show is dedicated all things industrial, from design and engineering to processing and manufacturing.

Having quickly sold-out the first phase of floor space available, Show Directors Nigel Borrell and Sara Gordon comment, “The launch cycle of a virtual show is more frequent than a traditional physical show, because we are open and live 24hrs a day, we set a quarterly renewal date when the existing floor space goes live and we issue e-Tickets. Then the next build cycle starts, giving exhibitors and stand builders a three-month window to create stands for the next hall renewal date. Although for extra traffic, individual stands can also be hosted on company websites and can therefore go live as soon as they are signed-off.” went online in 2019 as a preview show and started its quarterly launch cycle in January 2020. With the end of March quickly approaching and all space taken in phase one, the decision was taken to make phase two available early, giving exhibitors more time before phase two opens to visitors in June.

“Visitor numbers have increased massively since VIP invites and promotion started; we are welcoming over 1,500 visitors every 24hrs which is a big motivator for companies with stands already designed to get involved. We offer a service to convert all designs for traditional exhibition stands into stunning virtual versions which can be hosted at the show.

“It’s really exciting to be involved in a new platform and technology that takes much of what makes physical exhibitions great and makes it more convenient to access for visitors”.

Over 10,000m2 of new floorspace has been made available, with a floorplan available to download from the sales website There are already some extra visitor attractions planned for this phase of the show which include a virtual train to explore, a nacelle from a wind turbine and a media centre.

Co-location offer for traditional shows that have had to cancel or postpone.

In light of the tough situation many trade shows find themselves in since the Covid-19 outbreak and government efforts to curb the spread of the virus,, in partnership with the platform providers V-Ex is also making an open offer to existing trade shows to co-locate online, to support them putting a show on that people can visit this year.


Image 1: Over 10,000m2 of new floorspace has been made available, with a floorplan available to download from the sales website.

About IndustryExpo Virtual Exhibition Virtual Exhibition is an industrial trade fair that hosts a range of exhibition stands from SMEs to market leading brands. The platform works the same way that a live exhibition does, except that you can visit at any time, from anywhere. The hall and all the stands are rendered out to real physical dimensions. As a visitor, you are able to explore the hall in the first person or shortcut to the exhibitors that interest you using an interactive floorplan or exhibitor list.

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