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New 26BF-2A nuvoDisc Flat Motor Leverages Disc Magnet Technology and Integrated Electronics to Deliver Dynamic Motion Profile

09th January 2023

Portescap is expanding its nuvoDiscâ„¢ motor range with the introduction of the 26BF-2A brushless DC slotless flat miniature motor, which features a diameter of 26mm and a body length of 11mm. Benefiting from the usage of disc magnet technology and a cost-optimized design, the 26BF-2A reliably delivers a dynamic motion profile, excellent speed-torque performances, and high-power density in a flat, compact architecture.

The 26BF-2A features two standout characteristics: a larger front ball bearing and integrated electronics. The front ball bearing assembly is larger than most of the standard options available in the market by 1-2mm, thus helping the motor withstand higher axial and radial loads, while the internal integrated electronics ensure that the 26BF-2A provides a plug-and-play solution marked by lower installation time and lesser system complexity. It is also able to deliver a max continuous torque up to 3.5mNm and speeds up to 12,000 rpm.

Designed for space-constrained applications that focus on high speed and low-to-medium torque performance capabilities, the 26BF-2A is an excellent fit for premium tattoo machines, LiDAR, and PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) devices. It can also be an ideal solution for applications that are looking to transition from brush DC to brushless DC flat BLDC solutions, as well as those searching for simple drive solutions.

Image 1: (26BF-2A nuvoDisc)

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