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Tolomatic Expands RSX High Force Electric Linear Actuator Range

9th July 2024

Linear motion specialist Tolomatic has expanded and enhanced its RSX High Force Electric Linear Actuator range, which is supported in the UK by motion specialist INMOCO. These changes include updated model numbering and the introduction of new products to meet a wider array of industrial applications.

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Specifying a position sensor for safety requirements

6th February 2024

In a motion system, position sensors can be crucial to ensure safety. Particularly in applications working in close proximity to humans, such as surgical robots, or even where sensitive equipment has to be protected, position feedback is key. 

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High performance control for heavy duty servo applications

22nd November 2023

The majority of servo applications are characterised by compact machinery that usually require relatively low current. However, when there’s the need to drive heavier equipment, but precise control is still required, higher current servo drives and motors are necessary.

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Maximizing Efficiency: The Art of Motor Selection for Battery-Powered Industrial Equipment

7th November 2023

In a world where 37% of global energy consumption stems from industrial processes[1], the shift toward battery-powered equipment has never been more critical. This transition is driven by the dual demands of enhanced efficiency and sustainability. Central to this challenge is the selection of a motor – the heart of any industrial equipment – that not only meets stringent performance requirements but also optimises battery life for prolonged, effective operation. 

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