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Quality exhausts for grassroots motorsports

21st November 2023

For a small island, Great Britain has produced a disproportionate amount of world class racing drivers. A rich automotive heritage is one factor, but another is a thriving grassroots motorsport scene that allows drivers to develop their skills. However, the viability of grassroots motorsport relies on the time and expertise of knowledgeable automotive suppliers. 

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The importance of Klarius’ Fit First Time guarantee

25th October 2023

In the fast-paced world of automotive repair, garages need a reliable source for high-quality aftermarket parts that will fit first time. Klarius stands out as the go-to for garages, for both its extensive range of first-class products but also its invaluable technical advice.

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Fuel efficiency starts with the right exhaust: Choose Klarius!

26th September 2023

Fuel efficiency as every driver on the UK’s roads knows, makes an enormous difference to the running cost of a vehicle. Yet few drivers realise the crucial role that their car’s exhaust plays in maintaining this. For garages, understanding this nuance is the key to providing cost-saving advice to their customers. For this reason, Klarius offers support and guidance to ensure that every vehicle is equipped with an exhaust system designed for peak fuel efficiency.

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Klarius puts you in the fast lane to correct exhaust parts

22nd August 2023

Navigating the world of automotive repairs can be a minefield, especially when it comes to ordering the right parts. Simply specifying a replacement exhaust using the vehicle registration number, which can span multiple years, may lead to the wrong component being delivered. 

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