Latest Klarius Products Press Releases

Can you fix a faulty DPF?

When diesel cars and vans from 2009 onwards ended up on the ramps of repair garages across the UK, technicians had a new emissions control device to contend with: the diesel particulate filter (DPF). 

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Klarius helps power the performance market

26th May 2023

Klarius Products has expanded its range with new exhaust parts tailored for the legendary Honda Civic Type R, a favourite amongst driving enthusiasts who value a sporty and engaging experience in a practical, compact package. Klarius’ premium replacement exhausts are designed to match OEM standards and keep drivers on the road for longer. 

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Trusted by Technicians: Klarius’ Expert CAT Support

25th May 2023

As the average age of vehicles on UK roads increases, the demand for professional technical support and high-quality automotive parts is on the rise. Standing at the forefront of meeting these evolving needs is Klarius, the go-to expert for catalytic converters (CATs), diesel particulate filters (DPFs), and selective catalytic reduction (SCRs).

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